Top Part Time Weekend Jobs in Switzerland

As Switzerland is an expensive place to live, students must budget for their living expenses by taking up part-time work. You should be aware that overseas students are permitted to work part-time in Switzerland if they are considering studying there. Yet there are some guidelines and limitations to finding part-time work as a student in Switzerland, and it’s important to be aware of them.

Switzerland has a somewhat high cost of living, especially when compared to other affluent nations like the United States (the cost of living in Switzerland is 57.6 percent higher than in the U.S.).

Taking on part-time employment on the weekends is a great option to boost your income whether you struggle to make ends meet while residing in Switzerland or just want to earn and save a bit more money each month. Having part-time work might also provide you with the chance to learn new skills that will make you more employable in the future.

Do you want to apply for weekend jobs in Switzerland that are part-time? In such a case, look through the list below. The top 20 part-time positions for English speakers are listed there.

1. Campus Tour Guide

As previously indicated, there are several options for part-time on-campus employment at Swiss institutions. One of them is a guide for campus tours. In this position, you are required to provide prospective students and their families with a positive visitation experience. You need to be an excellent communicator to work as a tour guide.

2. Receptionist

Receptionists operate at the front desks of a variety of establishments, including spas, clinics, banks, and legal offices. A receptionist takes phone calls, makes appointments, points visitors in the direction of the appropriate office, and more. Receptionists can work remotely and communicate with their company and clients by phone, video chat, and other means in addition to working in person often.

3. Call Center Agent

An employee who manages incoming or outgoing client calls for a company is known as a call center agent. A call Centre representative may address account questions, client grievances, or support difficulties.

The blended agent is another name for an agent that handles both incoming and outgoing consumer calls. Customer service representatives (CSRs), contact Centre agents, telephone sales or service representatives (TSRs), attendants, associates, operators, account executives, and team members are other terms for call Centre employees.

4. Virtual Assistant

Consider working as a virtual assistant if you like working from home but still need administrative support. Virtual assistants are independent contractors that help customers with arranging appointments, responding to emails, and managing their calendars. These experts might only work for one customer, or they might help many clients at once.

An independent contractor known as a virtual assistant provides customers with administrative help while working outside the client’s office. Although virtual assistants frequently operate from home offices, they have remote access to the necessary planning resources, such as shared calendars.

5. Tutor

A tutor is a qualified educator who works one-on-one with pupils to help them achieve their academic objectives. They are in charge of meeting with students to explain and go over ideas covered in class and assist students in solving particular issues.

A certified educator who works with students one-on-one to support their academic goals is referred to as a tutor. They are in charge of meeting with students to go over concepts presented in class and help them with specific problems.

6. Sales Assistant

On the sales floors of stores, sales assistants serve consumers immediately. To give customers correct information, they must be aware of the inventory, store layout, and corporate rules. A sales assistant will assist clients in finding products, placing orders, putting holds, handling transactions, and maintaining an organized and well-stocked sales floor. As they represent the business, they must respect company ideals in both their appearance and their interactions with clients.

Duties and obligations of sales assistants

  • Plan sales presentations and make sure all of the materials are ready in time for deadlines.
  • If necessary, update customer records in the corporate database.
  • Data for bill-back and invoice entry
  • Analyze, compile, and send management daily action summaries

7. Travel Agent

It is a travel agent’s responsibility to help clients plan, choose, and organize their vacations. Normally, they will follow a budget that has been set by the holiday planner. Also, they provide advice and opinions on where to go as well as information on local tourist attractions, events, and customs.

A tiny number of businesses have graduate training programs situated at their headquarters. Advertisements for open positions may be found online and in trade periodicals like Travel Trade Gazette and Travel Weekly. It is advised to use networking and speculative apps.

8. Housekeeper

Housekeepers maintain cleanliness both at work and at home. They typically work for hotels, however, they could also be employed by housing authorities or by individual homes.

The homeowner or management in charge must be notified of any safety issues, and cleaning must be done. As part of their duties, they must sweep, vacuum, empty trash cans, dust bookcases, wash windows, and mop floors. Laundry, light ironing, dishwashing, and linen changes are tasks that some housekeepers carry out.

A good housekeeper needs to be responsible, conscientious, reliable, focused on the details, adaptive, honest, and trustworthy. They are required to stand, squat, bend, and kneel often. Other qualities that characterize a great housekeeper are effective communication skills and commitment to rules and procedures that have been set.

9. Delivery Person

An entry-level position is a delivery driver. Its responsibility is to deliver different things to designated addresses. Moreover, it entails duties including keeping track of all deliveries and obtaining payments as needed. The basic qualifications for this position are a high school diploma and a current driver’s license. Some popular delivery companies like uber eats, courier world, etc.

They often utilize a car provided by their company to transport goods, however, occasionally they may have to use their own automobiles. You might be able to determine whether you want to work as a delivery person after learning more about their profession. They are quite important in today’s society.

10. Copywriter

Copywriters perform research, establish strategies, and create written content with the intention of advertising goods and services on behalf of a client (also known as copy). Examples of this content include advertisements, slogans, blogs, emails, sales letters, technical papers, speeches, scripts, and website text. In order to meet the advertising brief and stick to the intended tone for a piece of content, they frequently follow style standards, conduct thorough research on the subject to be communicated, and have great written communication abilities.

You need a computer and an internet connection in order to work as a copywriter. The majority of the time, agencies also give clients access to a content management system (CMS), which organizes workflow and allows for various layers of quality control. Moreover, copywriters may employ a range of technologies, including word processors, character and word counters, plagiarism checks, and assistance for spelling and grammar.

11. Graphic Designer

In order to draw clients’ attention through digital and physical designs that often combine graphics, photos, art, and other visual aspects, graphic designers develop visuals for a wide range of projects, from websites to print advertising.

By being in close contact with their clients, graphic designers make sure that their creations correctly transmit information and portray the desired meaning.

To put it simply, “A graphic designer is someone whose primary purpose and objective is to create a project based on the unique requirements of a customer. Before starting the project’s design phase, he or she meets a customer to ascertain the project’s overarching aim, purpose, and intended aesthetic.”


12. Web Developer

A web developer’s job is to create websites. Together with ensuring sure the website is visually appealing and easy to use, many web developers are also responsible for the performance and capacity of the website.

The three primary categories of web developers are back-end developers, front-end developers, and full-stack developers. There are some web designers that also manage websites. As a freelance web developer, you could work on projects for corporations or agencies as well as for one-on-one clients.

Front-end or back-end development is frequently the main area of focus for web developers at the beginning of their careers. Following that, they could work as full-stack developers or in related fields like project management, computer programming, or graphic design.

13. App developer

A computer software engineer who specializes in developing applications for desktops, mobile devices, and tablets is known as an app developer. These programmers frequently collaborate in teams and produce ideas and concepts for the general public or for a particular client requirement.

In addition to working with visual designers, data scientists, and other software specialists to construct applications, app developers are knowledgeable about coding languages and how to utilize them. Before the product’s debut, they test it as well and correct any flaws that they discover.

There are several professional routes one may follow in technology. The popularity of app development is one sector that has skyrocketed. Nowadays, there are literally millions of applications accessible, from banking apps to music apps, that assist users in carrying out particular duties.

For a particular operating system (OS), such as Android, iOS, or Windows, application software can be created. App developers may specialize in one particular field of development, such as graphics software or mobile applications.

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