Teachers Around The World Who Will Make You Love Studies

Some people claim that teaching is the most difficult profession there is, and it is easy to see why. As if juggling the subject that has to be taught with overbearing, intrusive parents isn’t challenging enough, there are also the cheeky youngsters who could make pranking their career. These humorous professors, however, made the decision that they would win the joke.

Green with envy

Since the first time she heard a well-known phrase by Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, this woman has wished to become a history teacher.


It read, “The more you know about the past, the better you are prepared for the future.” Despite all those who had said she was not capable of attaining such things due to her appearance, she knew after hearing this that she was going to earn her Master’s in Education and History. She did, however, show them incorrect.

Play only; no work

It seems like all we did in first grade was draw, play, sing, and generally have fun. Lessons were harder and school got more demanding as we went higher grades, which is natural but also a lot less enjoyable.


In order for her children to always remember how much they liked her, as opposed to the terrible maths teacher they would have in the not-too-distant future, for instance, this teacher made the decision to teach first grade.

Every Single Paper

Beyonce Knowles, a pop icon and musical phenomenon, is sometimes referred to as Queen B, and this instructor wanted a piece of her success.


The instructor changed the words of the well-known song to read “If you wanted a grade, ya shoulda put ya name on it” using the lady who came up with the proverb “If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it.” Even though it seems absurd, it makes its point.

Where the heart is, is at home

This educator never imagined she would return to her old school and instruct third graders when she was growing up in the South.


In fact, if you had asked her about her favorite childhood memories, she could have responded that listening to her favorite teacher educate the class about geography brought back her sense of belonging. She decided to pursue a new ambition instead of continuing in her legal career for this reason, and boy was she pleased she did.

One Foot For Another

There may be repercussions if you choose to stay up all night playing video games even if it is a school night.


This student fell asleep in the midst of class without knowing what would happen, but the last thing he would have expected was that his teacher would interrupt the lesson to get revenge. The instructor knelt down and knotted his student’s shoelaces together as the other pupils sat there and laughed. That will educate him!

Observe My Body

It is a well-known reality that instructors frequently need to check to see if their behavior sets a good example for their students. However, when Young Sarah decided to make teaching her students about the human body her life’s work, she went a little too far.


She purchased pantyhose and a tank top with images of the muscles and internal organs of the human body printed on them and proudly wore them around the school as a showcase of her own anatomy.

Diving certification

We can’t help but wonder if these instructors had a variety of costume alternatives and just went with whatever seemed appropriate at the time, or if they knew they would have a blue background for their yearbook photographs.


The result is funny, and there is no question in our minds that Jack, Joshua, and Kimberly would win by a wide margin if the teaching staff at this school handed out awards for Most Valuable Educators.

Contrary to a Mermaid

Students frequently try to eke out additional points by droning on pointlessly and lengthening their responses or by coming up with amusing visuals, pleading for forgiveness when the final mark is announced.


Teachers typically laugh at these attempts and ignore the request, but this instructor was different. This teacher was indeed in such a good mood that he decided to give each student four additional points for their picture of what he called a “man dolphin.”

Time to Retire

In many respects, since these professors were students, times have changed significantly. With some norms, curricula, and parental participation aside, technology is increasingly strongly felt and dominating in the educational system.


In addition to the fact that computers have replaced printed materials, assigning written work now almost certainly involves using online social media lingo that many teachers are unfamiliar with—much like the teacher who said he was “too old” to read and comprehend what his student wrote.

Others By Fire

People will scream and flee for their lives when a wasp flies into a classroom, which is what you would anticipate happening. It is actually very amusing how human nature makes us afraid of an insect’s bite regardless of how little the bug is.


However, this instructor wanted to impart a courageous lesson to his or her students, so he or she took a torch and some flammable spray and lit the wasp on fire. Call it a sixth sense, but we smell a protest against animal mistreatment coming on.

Cos b = Sin b/Tan b

The instructor will always get the most out of their teachings by matching the students’ learning curve with memorable pneumonic gadgets.


The majority of students probably learned “SOHCAHTOA” when studying trigonometry, however, one math professor saw that in order to move the lesson forward, he needed to remind the students that the cosine of b is equal to the sine of b when the sine of b is divided by the tan of b. It is simpler to recall this information when it is expressed as cos b, or “[Bill] Cosby.”

Walkens is rejected

Christopher Walken, the Oscar-winning actor with sandy hair who is well recognized for both his incredible ability and his little jittery demeanor, is not the only person who is prohibited from entering the principal’s office of this institution.


In fact, it makes no difference if the two of you were in Catch Me If You Can or Pulp Fiction; if you don’t have a planned appointment, you won’t obtain a meeting. Walken’s serious face is evidence of it.

The Math Gift

Not just students grow restless as Christmas break approaches; everyone is eager to celebrate the season and reconnect with their loved ones after a lengthy period of separation.


This instructor was eager for a well-earned holiday as well, especially considering that he taught maths and that his unenthusiastic students disliked the subject. The instructor made the decision to put on a Santa Claus hat, cheer them up, and write out the most appropriate arithmetic problem.

May The Force Be With You

The person who created this Star Wars allusion probably wanted to be an art instructor but had to settle for their second choice, which was physics.


It’s a shame that this doodle was created on a whiteboard because it can be easily changed. It is uncommon to witness an attempt to connect physics to popular culture, hence a piece of art like this should be preserved on a canvas or poster.

Spending Time

Exam stress is not something to be laughed at; in fact, a sizable portion of American adolescents are known to have the disease.


Exam stress is annoying because it may cause people who have prepared for months on end to totally forget everything they have learned during a test because they are so anxious about the passage of time and how the exam will affect their final exam. It’s safe to assume that this kind of sign isn’t helpful.

Those who cannot perform, teach

An excellent mark may brighten someone’s day, particularly if they spend a lot of time preparing and stressing out before the test.


And just when Sarah felt her day couldn’t get much better, she got her paper back with an A+ and a note that made her admire her English literature instructor even more. In actuality, Sarah’s instructor also “nailed it” with this response, therefore both of them fared well on the test.

The Plagiarism Lord

Receiving an F on a paper is concerning since it implies that your study and effort were inadequate. On the other hand, this student “directly lifted word for word, from Philip French, who just so happens to be the critic of the year,” in addition to slacking off when writing the homework.


To make matters worse, the content was lifted from one of The Guardian’s well-known websites. Despite saying that the student failed, the stamp acts as a cushion to lessen the blow.

The Overlord

Cheating could help you pass one test, but is it really worth the chance of being discovered and expelled as a result? You would think that even if a student is convinced that chance is on their side, the guilt alone would deter them from doing the act.


This instructor has elevated the requirements of his position by perching on a ladder and monitoring every one of his pupils to ensure the best decision is made.

Hands Off The Piano

Although piano teachers sometimes exhibit unusual behavior, this sign is pure brilliance. The teacher considered leaving the pupils with a different message, adding a tongue-in-cheek jest indicating that unless you are that musical genius that was Mozart, you are not permitted to play the piano without permission. This was done in place of the customary “do not touch” sign.


Additionally, because the lauded and revered Mozart is no longer alive, the likelihood that a pupil may encounter his reborn spirit is small to none.

Play With Spoilers

When it comes to Game of Thrones, there is no such thing as skipping to the book’s conclusion to learn the ending before reading all the chapters.


The TV adaptation of the novels has infected audiences like an infection, affecting practically everyone. As a result, when this instructor threatened to ruin HBO’s most popular series, his request for silence was quickly complied with. That is definitely one method to get the pupils to do what you want!

Disappeared in Action

Josh Hance felt that the age-old defense “the dog ate my homework” was overused, so he came up with one that looked more plausible than his family pet having a less-than-healthy appetite: “It went missing.”


At first, his instructor Mrs. Azrai felt his justification was really inventive, but as time went on, it became less logical. Eventually, his teacher gave him the not particularly renowned or glamorous “Bermuda Triangle” for his tendency to lose his schoolwork.

The Gaga Elements

Lady Gaga, an A-list celebrity and pop phenomenon, produced the wildly popular tune “Bad Romance” in 2009. The way this chemistry instructor utilized the periodic table to mimic the song’s opening to capture his pupils’ attention made sure they would remember this seemingly random group of elements.


Imagine taking a scientific exam and singing Lady Gaga to yourself in order to recall the right responses. That will score an A+ in both chemistry and music.

Pleasant Surprise

Maria had just earned a bachelor’s degree in education, but she was eager to start her career as a teacher. She started teaching as soon as she graduated from college for that reason, although her pupils were not novices.


They replaced her chalkboard rubber with a sponge that had been dipped in bleach since they could tell an inexperienced instructor when they saw one. They were in for more if they believed their teacher wasn’t prepared, though!

English teacher Cal Tefler

Cal Telfer may appear to be your typical English teacher, but when the student in charge of the yearbook contacted him and asked him to write about his hometown, Mr. Telfer saw this was his time to finally come out of his shell and connect with his devoted students on a deeper level.


This just serves to demonstrate that, contrary to popular belief, instructors do not necessarily lack a sense of humor just because they are educators and mark papers.

A Titanic Attempt

The good news is that you now have a movie to see on your next movie night if you haven’t watched Titanic, the 1997 box office smash that launched the careers of both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.


The phrase, “Draw me like one of your French girls,” is taken from a scene in which Winslet’s Rose and DiCaprio’s Jack Dawson share a private moment. In reference to the film, this comically presented skeleton challenges pupils to identify each of its bones.

My only hope is in you

It appears that the instructor, Brain Dennert (or should we say Princess Leia? ), is once again lost. Each employee at the Royal High School in California is required to carry their ID card at all times while on school grounds because the institution is notorious for imposing stringent security regulations.


However, it can be difficult to tell what the teacher truly looks like because he could be mistaken for an extraterrestrial princess with a blaster.

At Your Own Risk, Belieb

Since Justin Beiber’s popular song is connected with tackiness, being a Belieber, or a fan, is mostly humiliating to anyone over a certain age. There is no questioning the young star’s wealth, though, since he consistently breaks records and sells out every place where he is scheduled to appear.


Even then, it appears that this instructor discovered that none of her pupils are fans of the “Baby” singer, as receiving this pencil is a kind of punishment.

Prank Pictures

Why not take advantage of the opportunity to confiscate your student’s phone by replacing the wallpaper image with a very humiliating image of the faculty?


We all know that it is every student’s fantasy to switch on their phone and find their instructors watching them, even after class has ended, and following them wherever. What joy could there possibly be in that?

Trying to be “Professorial”

Students typically act out and get into mischief when a teacher misses class for whatever reason and a replacement is scheduled to teach in her place for the day because they believe there is no one in charge to maintain order.


This instructor had the substitute present a slide with her photo on it appearing serious and professional to create the proper tone despite her absence since she knew very well that if she would not show up, no work would be performed that day.

Best Assignment Ever

Although it could appear like professors relish assigning homework out of spite, the reality is that they put in more effort than the students do.


Since teachers must all be in school during the day, they must grade papers, check homework, and read assignments on weekends and late at night. This is presumably the reason why the instructor opted to provide something that she wouldn’t have to check as the sole assignment over the holiday break.

You Shall Pass

Although Gandalf is best remembered for furiously yelling “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” when wicked creatures try to overthrow the Fellowship of the Ring, he decided to wield his authority in a different way in this instance.


He dubbed the pupil Frodo, and he was eager to help him find his way through the high school’s hallways. However, it is clear that this teacher believed hall passes were unnecessary given that he also stated that they were traveling from the Shire to Mordor, a Lord of the Rings allusion.

The Sham Wall

We immediately object when someone shames us because social media has completely taken over our life.


However, this instructor humorously promoted public shame, and this tactic was shown to be a useful teaching method. All that was written on this wall were inane errors like “I forgot to put my name on a quiz” and “I forgot a negative sign.” The main issue is that kids would likely want to climb the wall of fame and disgrace.

Snake in the Class

Why have a standard, uninteresting yearbook photo when you can demonstrate the relationship between the faculty and staff in a way that would move everyone to tears? Even though these great three were already well-known for their antics throughout the campus, this was out of the ordinary.


The ultimate collaborative image prank was successfully attempted overall. Let’s just say that we wouldn’t be shocked to learn that these three were theatre or art professors.

Infiltration by Stormtroopers

Since they were unable to prevent Luke from destroying Darth Vader and his headquarters, Stormtroopers were frequently ineffective in their tasks. However, it appears that one of their numbers managed to get access to the scientific department of this high school.


Unfortunately, it appears that this Stormtrooper has been enmeshed in a teacher’s life and is unable to communicate important information to headquarters. He can at least find solace in the knowledge that his existence was immortalized in this yearbook.

The Students’ Tears

This instructor had had enough of his students making faces and whining about the most trivial of issues, and there was no way he was continuing to teach a class all year long while being aware of the need to tiptoe around his students.


He decided to put a sticker stating “students’ tears” on his water bottle as a clever response to the incessant complaining for this reason. The complaining would be minimized in this manner.

History Come to Life

You might want to reconsider your commitment to your job if you believe that you are. This guy puts all other professionals to shame since his yearbook photo makes all other teachers appear like they aren’t trying hard enough.


This man, who won the prize for Best History Teacher Ever, went to great lengths to ensure that his black and white photograph would appear as genuine as possible. He even went so far as to dress in a civil war soldier’s outfit, adding a stern aspect to the reproduction.

Mr. Rolled At school

Nobody likes tests, especially when they are unexpected and the students did not have enough time to study for them. Although the test’s music instructor felt awful for shocking his students in this way, it is part of being a teacher.


That is why he considered including a quick pick-me-up question on the music his pupils were familiar with at the end of the exam. In this sense, a pass was a predetermined grade regardless of how they performed.

Come with Me to Microbiology!

This professor thought his microbiology courses were boring for his students. Thankfully, though, he came up with a great plan to make his lessons exciting and engaging because he’s a creative and open-minded individual!

It’s no secret that most people love Star Wars. Most of us even support the villains because they are so fantastic. So he made the decision to attend the seminar while dressed as Darth Vader. Why not?

Corruption For Positive News

For both parents and students, an open house meeting may be a particularly stressful time of the year. It’s the only opportunity parents have all year to speak with their children’s instructors face-to-face.

This implies that, depending on how much the instructor loves you, the truth about what you’re doing in class is likely to come out. This teacher will concoct a tale for you and could even get you off the hook for a little fee!

Late Assignments

Most people tend to overlook how difficult it is for instructors to ensure that pupils meet their deadlines. The fact is that every curriculum has deadlines and dates that even professors must follow; as a result, when students turn in late assignments, the entire process is delayed and they are forced to put in extra time.

This instructor just left a written warning for everyone who missed the deadline for their assignments, skipping the customary lecture.

Hey, Mama

We frequently overlook the fact that instructors are also humans with feelings and quirks, just like the rest of us. At least some of them do, though! This instructor decided to use a really humorous situation to try and fool a few pupils as they were doing their science tests.

The teacher prompted pupils with a “Yo Mamma” joke rather than utilizing a standard scientific test scenario! Who knew that making “Yo Mama” jokes was an art? Hilarious!

An Acceptable Replacement

Josh went to his teacher for assistance since he knew he needed extra work done quickly if he wanted to pass the next midterm.


During his lunch break, he made it to his teacher’s office and banged on her door many times. When he didn’t get a response, he pushed the door open and was met by this cardboard cutout. If this were a Halloween practical joke, adding a scary face might have been effective.

A Stunning Lesson

This instructor decided it was about time they got a taste of their own medicine since he had had enough of them acting silly as he tried to educate them about biology.


He arrived at his 9 a.m. lesson dressed as a clown, forgoing his customary coat and tie in favor of a rainbow-themed wig, a red, inflated nose, and colorful ties. It is reasonable to conclude that after them, the teacher received the respect he deserved.

It’s best to serve revenge cold

Even though Angela was struggling to strike a balance between her personal and professional obligations, there were some things she was not prepared to give up on, even if it meant forgoing her beauty sleep.

She didn’t count on her student spotting her trying to finish the assignment she gave her class while still sporting the attire she wore to the pub the night before. But don’t worry; retaliation was on the way.

Physical Laughter

The fact is that this bright kid only wanted to make his teacher smile, and boy did he succeed in doing so. At first sight, it could appear as though the pupil has become the master.


He submitted this assignment—describing their chemical experiment—perfectly, but he also included a small joke at the conclusion of the written graded work. Although we doubt he received any bonus points, it’s encouraging to see that this instructor has a nice sense of humor.

Most Simple Exam Questions

Making quiz questions is not enjoyable; it takes much thinking, especially when multiple choice questions are included because the solutions must also be thought upon.


Mr. Gann produced a ridiculous last question that read: “Just answer ‘A’…. no tricks, just answer A and you will get this question right.” He was creating this exam late at night and was feeling extremely weary. However, we can’t help but wonder if any students provided a different response.

Power Through Knowledge – Physical Power

Unaware of it, this instructor was setting the ideal example as she attempted to teach her pupil about the principles of gravity.


Given the puzzled expression on the adolescent girl’s face, it goes without saying that this closeness may be too near for comfort. We can’t say that we would feel at ease if someone leaned over like this either.

Irritable maths teacher

There are requirements for being a teacher, but what it takes to be a great teacher that pupils can connect with is something else entirely. This charming lady falls into the latter type because, to her, ensuring that her pupils are performing at the top of their game and graduating with honors is not sufficient.


She thus looked for a different strategy to increase her level of accessibility—through the language of memes. She created a poster of Grumpy Cat and put it in the classroom, indicating that this was her favorite meme.

40+ Times People Saw Angry ‘Choosing Beggars’ In Action

There are many different kinds of individuals in the world, including the courageous, the stupid, the clever, and so on. Unfortunately, it is also populated by the most ludicrously entitled individuals ever. The majority of these folks can be found online, which is where we’ll be talking about them today: these are some select beggars who are so egregiously entitled that we’re not sure whether to laugh or shake our heads in disgust.

The True Cost

We can see why people are upset about the typical price of items like automobile repairs. A professional mechanic can accomplish a lot of tasks fast, so why do they need to charge so much?

As this piece of writing so eloquently states, the mechanic (or any other artisan) is able to do the work so swiftly because of their talent and years of experience. After all, you could complete the task on your own if all you required was time.

Black Kettle Calling

You really don’t have a case to make about what they get you if someone else is paying for your food since you aren’t willing to pay for it. Given that one person is prepared to pay and the other is not, that seems quite entitled.

You accept what you can get if you are unable or unwilling to pay for a meal. Choosers cannot be beggars until someone gives them permission to be. But the majority of folks don’t.

Preparing for the impossible

You should anticipate your meal to arrive at a fast-food restaurant in a reasonable amount of time. That, however, greatly depends on how much food you are requesting. Having only one meal? Sure. Okay, four meals. However, sixty-three? That’s a little too far-fetched.

In fact, we hazard a guess that any Subway would be pretty darn quick to deliver more than five dozen footlong sandwiches in only a little over an hour. These individuals shouldn’t be unimpressed, but it appears they aren’t.

Some Significant Decreasing

You typically don’t anticipate paying someone else what you paid at the shop when you buy anything from them. After all, you could simply get it from the shop to begin within a scenario like that, right?

But it makes sense that you at least pay a portion of what the item would cost at a store. Not even close to what we would consider reasonable—roughly 2% to 3% of the entire cost. Naturally, the seller of this PC did not share that opinion.

Return to where you came from

In the urban lexicon, “backpacking” is a relatively recent phrase that describes someone who goes to another nation without any real means of sustaining themselves and begs strangers to pay for their travel costs.

We’re not sure where folks acquire the idea that they are so entitled. We think that the citizens of those nations are equally as alarmed and disturbed, if not more so. Seriously, the stuff people think up!

Skills Cost Money

Only a few people have to deal with demands for free work on a regular basis, including artists. Nobody ever requests free labor from actors, accountants, programmers, or other professionals in a similar field. only artists.

We’re not sure why so many people believe that they have a greater right to the time and expertise of artists than they do to that of any other kind of professional or craftsperson, but it seems to be the case anyway. On behalf of all the artists who are forced to create a pin like this, we feel horrible.

The Reasons List

Customers frequently inquire as to why some products and services are so pricey. If they’re really curious about where all the hard work is, we don’t mind if they ask. Most consumers, however, just do so to vent their frustrations rather than to fully comprehend the nature of their charge.

It’s likely that many business owners become tired of it, which would result in situations like these. Instead of asking the same question repeatedly, provide such consumers a pleasant, simple list of justifications they may peruse at their own convenience.

Greater Than You

It’s hard to be more entitled than to demand something from someone just because “you deserve it” or “you need it more than them.” Imagine requesting a puppy from someone in all seriousness. like the genuine dog, which they regard as a member of the family.

Your sole justification is that they appear healthy and don’t require it as urgently as you do. One of the silliest things we’ve ever heard is maybe that. On the other hand, we haven’t actually finished this list yet.

Exposure Has No Value

Many individuals attempt to avoid paying for art in favor of giving it “exposure” instead of doing so. Can you picture being a software developer or a mechanic and having it done to you? “I don’t need to pay you; the exposure you get from representing your work is worth more than that!”

Right, I see. Exposure is fine and all, but it doesn’t pay the bills or fill stomachs with food. Exposure is a byproduct of publishing work; the main reward, which would be financial gain, is exposure.

How to Stop Being Entitled

As we’ve already established, many consumers whine about pricing when they shop. But other than returning the sass, we haven’t really discussed how a company can get people to stop talking about it. This particular item would be that.

Actually, we’re not sure if it would be allowed for you to charge customers for anything other than the goods or services you are providing. However, if buyers are sufficiently alarmed by the potential, perhaps they will choose to remain silent regarding pricing.

Your own cooking, Then

Since no one has the right to criticize food that someone else prepares for them, we won’t mince words. That level of arrogance is quite low. Make your own food, after all, if you have a requirement that you believe has to be satisfied without fail.

It’s similar to the old adage that “beggars can’t be choosers” once more. You just have to accept what you can get if you have to rely on someone else to meet a certain requirement. Making a scene about it is inappropriate.

The Gesture’s Point

Many famous people do good deeds out of the goodness of their hearts. Unfortunately, the entitled frequently misread these gestures as a request for the same treatment for themselves. The point is virtually never that.

Thankfully, very few famous people start giving presents to anybody who asks just because they are pissed off that someone did something kind for them. In this world, there are simply too many entitled individuals.

The Business Art

Some people lack business acumen. However, it’s unclear if this individual is simply illiterate or is so entitled that they believe this is acceptable. They want a vehicle that has previously been sold, and more significantly, they want to pay less for it than it did when it was just sold.

To sell you something for less than they previously received would be like asking someone to go back and collect something they already sold. That’s either very arrogant or incredibly foolish, and we’re not sure which is worse.

Well done, Mark

Some people will do practically anything in an effort to obtain a deal. These reductions are typically completely unnecessary and unfair. This guy actually attempted to obtain a massive 90% discount on something, and what was his justification? Like the vendor, he went by the name Sheldon.

Except that his real name wasn’t Sheldon at all. Mark appeared. And did he really believe that, even if his name was Sheldon, he would be entitled to a 90% discount? That is really absurd and quite entitled.

The effort put into it

Since they have to deal with so many outrageously entitled people, artists have been mentioned a lot in this essay. The idea that their trade doesn’t take significant talent or time is one that artists frequently have to deal with.

Nobody ever thinks about how much time, effort, training, and sweat it takes to become a competent artist. And they merit to be paid well for what they do, just as with any other talent that takes years of work and practice to acquire.

Good Point

No particular entitled individual exists here for us to make fun of. Rather, it’s just an example of how many incredibly entitled people businesses have to deal with. You have to hear, “Well I can get it cheaper somewhere else” dozens of times to justify a sign like this.

Aside from that, it’s a very solid point: shop where you can find it for less if you can. Just remind yourself you are paying for the convenience if it would be too inconvenient for you.

On your own, good luck Then

Finding folks who claim to need assistance but afterward reject it due to petty considerations is always funny. Aside from being rude, what’s being implied here is that someone is too unattractive to be of any assistance.

Although there are many different types of entitlement, it is absurd to believe that you are entitled to only the assistance that would fulfil your particular needs. It’s unfortunate that there are more of these folks than the world actually needs.

“Free Is Free”

Again, we must emphasize that asking for free stuff involves a certain amount of absurdity. Free things are either nice enough to take or just unnecessary. Don’t accept the free item if it doesn’t suit your needs.

Free is free, after all, and when you need something to be just what you want, you have to pay for it. You must pay for the things you need in order for them to be perfect; they are not free!

Freely offered

As long as you don’t truly require handouts in the first place, asking for handouts is a form of entitlement. However, there is another level available where you ask individuals to give you things for free in exchange for fulfilling extremely stringent requirements.

Who, for instance, makes demands as if they were paying cash? If you’re not ready to pay anything at all, you can’t demand a tonne of extra features!

A Test of Commitment

Online influencers frequently request gifts from companies, arguing that their ‘influence’ and ‘exposure’ are more valuable than the actual goods themselves. We’re not saying it’s impossible, but a lot of influencers just want free stuff and don’t truly think that’s possible.

This offer shouldn’t bother them in the slightest if they genuinely believe in the strength of their reputation. But it appears that not many individuals really accept their offer.

Right to Theft

Imagine believing that you deserve to steal from others, speaking of the entitled masses of the globe. Like when you complain about an artist who sues a website that pirates their work because they want to get paid for their labor.

And you, the entitled person, become upset with the artist because they want to be compensated for their work. We find it totally incomprehensible that there are individuals like that in the world.

Both cash and credit

For some reason, some individuals believe they are entitled to a better bargain if they are prepared to pay with actual money. Some individuals think that having actual money on hand will affect how much anything costs, albeit we’re not sure why.

Of course, the type of discount this individual is requesting is way beyond simple entitlement and is based only on actual cash. In all honesty, it more closely resembles hallucination.

The Complete Difference

Imagine being so entitled that you would dispute with someone for as little as 10 cents. One penny! At that point, your argumentative time is worth more than the money you are debating!

In addition, everyone is aware that the drink itself, not the cup, accounts for the majority of the cost when purchasing a drink at a restaurant. Simply said, it doesn’t seem like something to get worked up over.

Very Specific Rules

It’s one thing to become angry when you believe that someone has mistreated or betrayed you. However, complaining about something when you were the one who consented to it in the first place is the height of entitlement. For instance, they disclosed the rent amount to you. You’re surprised, but why?

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