40+ Celebrity Fashion Fails From the Met Gala That We Can’t Forget

One of the main fashion snapshots of the year is unquestionably the Met Gala. This occasion proclaims a great deal of in-front of your fashion and a one-of-a-kind look that matches the occasion’s topic. A portion of those, obviously, are champs — while others make us wince. From Kristen Stewart’s unattractive snakeskin top to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s uncovered waist and padded white skirt gathering, we’ve gathered probably the main Met Gala fashion comes up short throughout the years to think back about.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is known for being a really classy individual, however once in a while, her decisions make us scratch our heads. Deciding to wear this Balenciaga plan, she strolled the 2021 Met Gala cover and most certainly knocked some people’s socks off.

It ends up, however, that Kim wasn’t completely ready from the get-go. As per the force to be reckoned with, “I battled against it, as a matter of fact. I was as I don’t have any idea how I could wear the veil. How could I need to cover my face?” she reviews. “Yet, Demna and the group were like, This is an outfit gala. This isn’t a Vanity Fair party where everybody looks wonderful. There’s a subject and you need to wear the cover. That is the look.”

John Galliano

The 2001 Met Gala, which zeroed in on Jacqueline Kennedy’s fashion, was the favorite place for a ton of the most obviously terrible looks ever to be seen on the occasion. Tragically, a significant number of those unfortunate looks came from fashion originators themselves.

John Galliano, who’s an English fashion creator, decided to wear this brilliantly hued overcoat with weaved botanical print. Honestly, we don’t know if John figured out the task.


Madonna has forever been a forefront fashionista. She will in general go for gatherings and outfits that are a piece fresh thus, when she strolled the rug in 2009, she picked a novel rabbit ear look that truly made her stick out.

Obviously, standing apart isn’t generally essentially something to be thankful for. Albeit the pop star donned rabbit ears made by the notable Louis Vuitton, the look all in all actually didn’t exactly meet the Met Gala measures for that year.

Pete Davidson

In some cases, the subjects of the Met Gala can be wide — thus, when the topic was American fashion for the 2021 Met Gala, that was only the situation. In this way, it’s not difficult to see the reason why there were a few major misses during that year’s occasion.

Pete Davidson decided to wear Tom Brown, and although it most certainly fits the American fashion subject, it has somewhat of a consecrated look that didn’t exactly agree with everybody.

Naomi Osaka

Louis Vuitton, a game’s Top pick, and the Met Gala cover appeared as though a mix made in paradise. However, that is provided that the game’s Top pick can track down the right look, and tragically for Naomi Osaka, she didn’t.

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