40+ Wedding Facepalms That Made Us Say “I Don’t”

Think again if you believe that attending weddings is only about dressing up and having a wonderful time with friends. For some people, it may very well be the case, but not for everyone. The idea of weddings was altered by this pandemic. When it came to marriage, everyone went berserk. Here is a selection of the funniest and most embarrassing wedding events that will make you exclaim, “I don’t.” Scroll on…

Extravagant wedding gift giving

The main goal of weddings is to marry your closest buddy in front of all of your loved ones. But for other folks, getting pricey presents is everything. This bride-to-be requested presents totaling more than $250.

Bridezilla said it was their loss and that many more people will be attending her wedding when one of the invited guests winced and declined the invitation.

No cost Photography

Until you join one of these online wedding-planning forums, you won’t believe how petty some individuals can be. This person was searching for a wedding photographer to document their special day.

So far, it seems quite typical, right? That is, until you read the conditions, which essentially stipulate that the photographer needs to be ready to work for free and should have at least eight years of expertise in the field. These specifications don’t seem quite as appropriate for new interns, do they? They might not have much expertise, but they’ll do the task for nothing or at a very reduced cost.

The Cousin

Have you ever thought of attending your ex’s wedding? Unless you’re Rachel from Friends and you’ve just gone halfway across the world because you still have emotions for your ex-lover, no one can actually compel you to be there. In this case, Keli’s ex-boyfriend and the cousin had an affair while they were still together. The cousin and ex-fiance of Keli are now getting married.

Even worse, Keli’s aunt keeps pleading with her niece to attend the wedding on the grounds that “family is all we have.” Hmm, maybe Keli’s cousin here ought to have given it more thought before talking behind her back.

The Wife of My Ex-Boyfriend

Here, we have a different but slightly related tale. This lady introduced her partner to her ex-best friend while they were dating. After they split up, her ex started dating her best friend and later, they ended up planning a wedding.

The worst thing is that she received credit from the couple for connecting with them when they were first dating. We are now at a loss for words.

The Unwanted Request

The ideal marriage proposal should be incredibly romantic and full of surprises, right? This person made the decision to go too far. When we say something is “too far,” we mean it. At her sister’s wedding, to which he was not even invited, he made the decision to pop the question to his then-girlfriend.

In addition, he immediately got down on the dance floor and proposed. We are left to speculate what occurred next after that. Did she respond in the affirmative? Did her face become crimson with shame? What took place?

The Unusual Guests

There are many things that are difficult for humans to comprehend. There are some life events that people might not be able to comprehend, even with an entirely open mind. Consider the scenario of attending a wedding while dressed for one you are not attending.

Are you able to picture the bride’s emotions during her own wedding? Is there some sort of ‘Who Wore it Better’ contest going on here? I don’t know about you, but if we saw a visitor arrive at our wedding wearing a white gown, we’d feel fairly uneasy.

Send an RSVP for Whole Bloodline

Especially if the visitor is close to the bride and groom, folks often include a “plus one” option when sending out the RSVP for their wedding. However, there is a distinction to be made between “plus one” and “plus a whole tribe.” Exactly the same ring to it doesn’t even exist.

This couple requested a reservation for 21 people after sending an RSVP to one of their guests, which was a startling answer. How rude and avaricious can one be?

The Cat Fan

The idea is to create the most wonderful day possible when it comes to wedding planning. Weddings cost thousands of dollars and take weeks to plan. This couple followed suit, but because of their disagreement with the photographer, they chose not to pay him for the work.

The photographer then made the choice to swap out their faces for cat ones. In actuality, this is how all of the visitors were altered to appear. And while we can’t help but find the entire situation humorous, the pair presumably found it to be quite bothersome. I’m all meow!

Maddening maid of honor

The bride may find it challenging to select only one maid of honor. Best friends or sisters are frequently chosen as maids of honor since the bride has complete faith in them.

The bride did the same thing, designating her friend as the maid of honor since she had total trust in her. Unfortunately, by becoming very inebriated, assaulting guests, and breaching several laws, the so-called maid of honor absolutely wrecked the wedding. We can only presume that the bride and groom were never heard from by this lady again.

The focal point

The best place to find inspiration and ideas for your wedding is on Pinterest. Nowadays, people are thinking of the most original and inventive methods to decorate for their special day. This couple went above and beyond by selecting fish-bowl centerpieces that included actual fish.

Unfortunately, a catastrophe was the eventual outcome. The fish continued to pant for oxygen until they ran out of breath. We’re now quite depressed. Although we can appreciate the inventiveness of these centerpieces, perhaps the couple might have chosen something a little more straightforward—and non-living.

Affected by Pandemic Lovebirds

We all recall when the plague initially broke out and the whole globe essentially stopped. Many people were stranded far from their homes, while others lost their jobs and even had to postpone their weddings. Even still, a few people actually demonstrated against the lockdowns that were implemented, or at least tried to.

In case authorities tried to stop the wedding, one specific couple contacted their guests to advise them to be ready for a possible brawl. While that’s a great idea, future groom, you and your “lovely lady” might want to hold off till the lockdown is through.

Photographer, free

Some people are excellent at saving money and being productive. These individuals can inform you of all the best offers and provide you with financial advice. Then there are those cheap people who are always looking for ways to save money. Consider the blogger who wrote a page on a website for party planning with advice on how to have a free wedding.

This thrifty bride advised employing friends or amateur photographers for free in order to save money on a wedding photographer; in exchange, they may use the photographs to promote their own company. How kind of you to not!

To Come or Not To

Weddings may be really stressful, and we are aware of this. It’s nothing new; we’ve seen lots of individuals lose their composure. Similarly to that, this person informed their friends and relatives by email that they would not be going through with their own wedding in the middle of the night.

We can only speculate as to what may have transpired between the bride and groom to cause them to really postpone their wedding by two weeks. Later, the offending bride or groom sent another email to retract what they had said in a sleep-deprived haze the previous evening.

Alcohol Tickets

When everything is said and done, weddings can be rather expensive. When a couple makes the decision to be married and starts arranging the big day, they have to do a lot of financial considerations. This college student’s personal stress levels increased when she learned that the cost of the beverages for the wedding celebration would be prohibitive.

Giving the guests drink certificates for the coffee truck that will be at the reception was her solution. The bride couldn’t help but worry that the vouchers would come out as tacky, even if it’s not a horrible concept. When it comes to weddings, there are a lot of things to consider.

Too humiliating

People attempt to document their wedding days in amusing ways, and we can thank Pinterest for much of the inspiration. This pair was no different; they had the greatest strategy to carry out their plan and wanted to have a few hilarious moments documented on tape. Two banners served as the picture props for this group shot. “Got married on a Friday because […] Saturdays are better,” one of them added.

Naturally, this picture gained a lot of attention on social media. Even though it’s a humorous picture, Brooke would sooner die alone than have a picture like this taken at her wedding. We must acknowledge that there is a small part of us that concurs with her.

The hay toilet

We’ve mentioned before how pricey weddings can be. To conserve money, many attempts to avoid splurging on useless items on their special day. When it comes to selecting the most affordable options, one pair is altering the rules.

For instance, they chose to build a urinal made of hay in place of a lavatory at the venue. For the cheapest hay to create the urinal for their wedding location, they advertised online. I applaud them!

Who Takes Home the Bouquet?

When it’s time for single ladies to collect the bouquet that the bride throws over her shoulder during the reception, they feel tremendously giddy. After all, it’s an enjoyable game or task! This couple made the decision to have an unconventional or distinctive wedding. When someone recommended buying white flowers to symbolize purity, they posted online to gather some ideas and inspiration.


The upcoming bride was so taken with the concept that she couldn’t help but inquire about some suggestions for single males. We must admit that it is different, yet we are unsure about the validity of the concept.

The Rudest Excuse Possible

The bride and groom frequently invite their loved ones to their wedding by sending out save-the-date cards and invites. However, receiving or seeing an apology or “sorry” card in the mail is fairly unusual. You may be wondering what exactly a “sorry” card is.

In essence, these cards are for those who were not extended an invitation to the wedding. In this instance, the invitation card provides an explanation as to why they were not invited, stating that the location was unable to accommodate everyone. The couple then asks the turned-down guests for donations to help fund a romantic honeymoon. The boldness

“Why Not?”

Weddings may occasionally get rather monotonous. People have come to realize this through time, therefore they now make an effort to think of creative ways to make the wedding a memorable occasion for those who attend. But there are also people who wish to sabotage every aspect of a wedding.

Consider this poster, who had the gall to suggest using a smoke bomb to interrupt a wedding. Maybe the crazy ex is still hanging around? Maybe the person who doesn’t want the bride and groom to have a happy ending is an old best friend. In any case, we’re just glad that someone made them aware of this poster.

Virus or Me?

It goes without saying that the epidemic has significantly impacted practically everything and everyone. Some people chose to postpone their special day as a result of the virus’s spread, while others chose to carry it out regardless of the general state of the planet. But even if they decide to maintain their wedding day exactly as it is, they can’t assume that everyone else would agree. When their best friend informed them that they wouldn’t be able to attend their wedding, this individual got into a heated argument.

They just couldn’t believe that their best buddy had made the decision to stay at home rather than risk their lives to save them. With this, we support the best buddy.

Selling urinals

Many secondhand items are sold online. As much as we value the internet platform for this same reason, some people go a little bit too far with it. This woman listed a custom-built urinal her husband created for their wedding celebration for sale.

How could they possibly have thought that this would make a decent sale item? We are left to wonder if they found any takers after that.

He finally threw up

Spell check is one thing you should always have on hand on your big day. We certainly appreciate the surge of excitement and adrenaline that comes with proposing to your special someone, but come on! Running spell-check just takes a few seconds!

A picture session for their engagement was conducted. Unfortunately, instead of saying he “popped” the question, the announcement said he “popped” it. Whoops! Ladies and gentlemen, this is evidence that a single additional “O” can completely spoil anything lovely.

Costly Masks

While the epidemic was still going on, some couples chose to delay or cancel their big day, while others stuck to their commitments. Given this, it shouldn’t be surprising that some companies choose to remain open. Bridal masks were first offered for sale by an internet store in order to stay current and satisfy clients. As you can see, these masks are exquisite and intricately embroidered.

The issue is that these bridal masks cost between $50 and $60, which is extremely pricey. That much money is excessive for something as basic as a face mask. On the other hand, we can only guess that a few women at least purchased one of these face masks for their own wedding.

Is He Going to Break?

Do you recall the date of Avengers: Infinity War’s debut? All of the Marvel Cinematic Universe characters’ memes were all over the internet. The anticipation persisted throughout Avengers: End Game.

Can anyone find Thanos in this wedding photo, to continue the theme of these fantastic memes? It turns out that this wedding guest actually merely chose to wear the mask, contrary to what you may have assumed since they were just photoshopped into the picture. Now that we know the picture was taken during the epidemic, we can presume she was only taking further safety measures for herself. Regardless, this is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining and unforgettable wedding moments we have ever witnessed.

Precious Cat

Pet cats are valuable possessions. However, there are occasions when you also need to take into account the enjoyment of other people. This individual once overheard a bride-to-be discussing with a store employee how one of their guests believed that their cats were also invited to the event.

The visitor tried to clarify what kinds of flowers her kittens would be happy with, so the bride naturally wanted to be accommodating, but that can only go so far. Cats, as adorable they may be, certainly wouldn’t make the ideal guests.

No Baby Rule

Some couples may be really cruel when getting married. Here’s a perfect illustration of it. This couple went a bit too far in their decision to forgo having children at the wedding. The bride’s best friend revealed that one of the bridesmaids was pregnant and that the baby was due just before the wedding.

The bride, for some reason, took her friend’s pregnancy personally and even found it offensive. She then resorted to Facebook to ask for advice and to determine whether or not she was moving too hastily. Yes, you are, I suppose.

Consider reducing the budget

Sometimes weddings may be absurdly expensive, especially for people who value finer things in life. Consider the woman in question. She made the decision to leave her job since she knew she couldn’t work and plan a wedding at the same time. She then had the gall to demand that her soon-to-be husband take a second job so they could afford the $80,000 fantasy wedding she had always wanted.

She then made the decision to write about her problems on Facebook rather than admitting what she had done wrong. Definitely entitled. Sweetie, here are a couple of suggestions: request your job back or reduce the budget.

Are You Replaceable, Yet?

When you start planning a wedding, it might be difficult to get everyone on board as bridesmaids. This bride is well aware of it. This bride-to-be has been searching constantly for the ideal bridesmaids with 44 days to her big day because three of the original five females didn’t work out.

She said that one of them had died, which she said fairly casually. The other two were expelled from the bridal party, but don’t worry—at least according to the post—they can be readily replaced.

Bridesmaids in Deer

Obviously, depending on the people being married, some wedding banquets and festivities are wilder than others. Before the bride was to go down the aisle, this bridal party in particular chose to make a somewhat unusual entrance.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen approached the location—or were dragged into it—looking as though they had just been hunted like deer and brought down. shocking, to put it mildly.

Photos of your best friend

You might be surprised to learn how ungrateful individuals can be during weddings. So, for a very long time, these two women were great friends. One of them was getting married, and they hadn’t seen each other in a while.

The alternative was selected to serve as the maid of honor. Later, the bride-to-be observed that her best friend had just acquired a cavity, which made her consider how the wedding photos might look if the BFF was at the bridal party. That seems a little harsh, wouldn’t you say?

The Marriage Scam

Never put your confidence in wealthy individuals. When this working couple decided to be married, they chose to let one of their closest friends handle all aspects of the wedding planning. They occasionally sent him enormous sums of money.

The couple naturally wanted to check on the progress as the day became closer, but their so-called pal totally disappeared. Furthermore, he stole their money while doing absolutely little to prepare for the wedding. That amount of treachery is beyond comprehension.

Please take a seat

We’re attempting to determine whether this is a recent development brought on by the epidemic, or if individuals have always been this peculiar about their nuptials. In either case, this offer is completely perplexing.

Due to the epidemic, the bride and groom indicate that guests must stand during the wedding. In other words, unless the guest particularly wants or requires one, seats won’t be offered. However, how does being able to sit relate to being infected by the virus?

Timeless Disclaimer

Numerous weddings have taken place in spite of COVID-19. And even if some people take every precaution possible, you still put yourself at greater danger if you decide to get married or attend a wedding when a pandemic is still going on.

The epidemic occurred when this couple was getting married. They talked about how amazing their big day turned out, although they did include a caveat that they later tested positive for the virus.

You Worked One Job

Weddings are wonderful occasions to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. The desire to appear one’s best on these types of occasions makes sense in that circumstance. Don’t overdo the appearance, unless you’re the bride, which is an unsaid rule when it comes to getting ready.

You’re not intended to overshadow the bride as a guest. But this specific woman did. She only had one job, and it was a failure since the bride-to-be looked considerably more beautiful than she did. Ah, how depressing.

Wretchedest friends ever

In most cases, the bridesmaids and groomsmen are made up of very close friends of the newlyweds. What transpires, though, if your maid of honor and best man are romantically involved and the best man has recently admitted to being unfaithful? It’s all about the drama.

But the bride and groom chose to exile the maid of honor instead of punishing the best man and throwing him out of the wedding celebration. Why? because the best man’s home was where the wedding was being placed. That’s so wicked, I hurt.

Cannot Due to “Masks”

The weirdness surrounding these pandemic marriages only increases. Even though the face masks might be somewhat annoying, it makes sense that the bride and groom’s guests wear them during the celebration. Sadly, not everyone seems to appreciate this regulation.

One of the guests made the decision to be against the concept altogether. They emailed the couple to say that they would love to attend the wedding but could only do so if they could do it without wearing masks. Oh well, you won’t really be missed all that much anyhow!

Level of Comfort

During this epidemic, people have attempted to be as inventive as they can, and the results are rather entertaining. For their wedding, this couple came up with the most bizarre yet practical idea. To reflect their visitors’ “corona comfort level,” they gave them bracelets.

The purpose of these bracelets was to alert others to the guests’ danger level. We have to admit that if you’re planning your big day during the epidemic, this isn’t a terrible idea.

Actual Painting

At their wedding, this couple wanted to do something exciting and different. They decided to hire a painter to capture them in real time throughout the wedding. We really like this concept; it’s actually very fantastic. One artist responded after they posted about it online, indicating they would be ready to do it for $1,000.

They received an attitude from the painter after receiving a pricing estimate. Fortunately, the final commenter appeared to correct everyone. Don’t insult or undervalue the work of outstanding artists, even if you can’t find the money in your budget to pay $1,000 for a live painting.

Masks are Myths

Another couple got married during the epidemic, and their cake was the most adorable thing imaginable. Even the cake toppers wore masks! That wedding appears to be reasonable and safe enough, right?

Wrong. The party attendees who actually attended did not take the necessary measures, despite the cake toppers. None of the bridesmaids wore a mask during the wedding ceremony or reception, as you can see from the picture.

Not a Word

Being a poor communicator can lead to a number of uncomfortable issues. It’s critical to consider how to phrase some statements so as to avoid offending anyone. Consider this pair as an example. They posted a rather straightforward query on Facebook.

How do they inform their visitors that they need to cover their own meals? Although we can appreciate that weddings are quite expensive, this is a bit gaudy. If you are unable to pay for the meals, you might think about saving more money or reducing expenses before your big day.

Understanding the Humour in It

While some weddings are meant to be humorous, others demand that you treat the occasion seriously. When one of the visitors finds a seemingly serious feature to be incredibly humorous, it presents a dilemma. Long Norse horns that were played often were present at this wedding.

Although we believe there had some meaning to the bride and groom, we have to admit that five minutes of horn-blowing would be difficult to endure, especially if you know you’re supposed to take it seriously.

Cash Can’t Buy Class

The bride or groom doesn’t always spoil weddings. Many of them are wrecked by a tyrant mother who feels excessively entitled to her daughter’s wedding and goes so far as to insist the bride act in a particular way during her own wedding. The boldness, yes?

Who would want to attend a wedding with tacky decorations, bad cuisine, and a bride and groom who let others run the show? Without a doubt, this is one wedding we would never want to attend.

One and Done!

The location of the wedding is frequently a good indicator of how awful the event will be. Because how elegant can you really expect a wedding to be if it’s going to be held in a chapel that also serves as a boxing ring? It’s hardly surprising that there was also a novice priest and poor food.

We may be naive, but if we received an invitation to a wedding, we would definitely base our decision on the location. You can very much guarantee that the experience won’t be nice if it sounds as shady and subpar as this one.

All the Potential Pitfalls

It always seems like everything goes wrong on the day you want everything to be great. The bride had to make her entrance at the wedding in sweatpants since she missed her own limo, which is quite unglamorous. That in and of itself would be terrible.

But then the proprietors of the wedding location attempt to impose a number of bizarre gimmicks, someone decides to nurse during the worst possible time, and the father hurts his foot. Although we wouldn’t precisely call it a disaster, we doubt the bride thought it was the perfect day.

Why Take a Life Risk?

There are several things you shouldn’t do if you’re the groom getting married to someone’s daughter. Don’t draw attention to what you and the bride will likely do after the wedding and while on your honeymoon because everyone is aware of it.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t make fun of the groom-to-be’s father with that knowledge! We can’t really blame him for wanting to smack you in the face when we are all aware that the bride’s father was suppressing that truth.

How to sour the occasion

Many weddings are made intolerable events by bridezillas, but many more are wrecked by relatives who have no concept of decorum whatsoever. When this aunt made the decision to leave the celebration early, she took all of the bridal decorations with her even though she had intended to bring them all.

The lively wedding celebration swiftly diminished to nothing at all long before it was scheduled to since many attendees naturally concluded this meant they were supposed to leave. That would undoubtedly ruin any bride’s special day, we’re pretty sure.

As Difficult as Possible

The pomp and spectacle that most people associate with weddings may not be important to all couples. Getting a judge who jailed the groom years before, wearing an outdated dress that is far too large, and ending at a Denny’s…

Although we can’t say that this uncomfortable wedding is one that we would like to attend ourselves, in the end, all that truly counts is that the bride and groom are happy with it. After all, this is their day.

The very lowest point

At least during the reception, weddings are meant to be joyful and positive occasions. Typically, dancing and music go together. However, you can be sure that the wedding wasn’t particularly enjoyable when only three songs are played at the reception, one of which is the first dance, and nobody dances at all for the other two.

But hey, at least they got to witness one of the bride’s most embarrassing and agonizing public performances. Even the props were provided. Props! No part of a wedding ceremony should require performance props.

The Stupidest Guests

We must question why someone would go to a wedding merely to make a disturbance there. If they were ready to be this incredibly nasty in the middle of the ceremony, it was obvious that they didn’t care that much about the wedding event or the individuals getting married.

He really shouldn’t have picked up the phone at all unless it was an emergency, and if he had to, he should have at least excused himself from the ceremony to take the call. In the midst of a wedding like this, who in their right mind would pick up the phone and chat loudly?

Guess Which Child Is Your Favourite

Many parents wind up paying cash to support their child’s wedding. If there are several children, this may provide a challenge, but we feel very confident in declaring that things shouldn’t have turned out this way. One wedding took a lot of time to organize, while another sprang out of nowhere because someone wasn’t careful.

We’re not suggesting that the little brother didn’t deserve a great wedding just because of his circumstances, but it was wrong for the parents to ruin their daughter’s wedding and then blow everything on the little brother.

Superman-themed? What?

You can bet that the bride’s wedding will be horrifying if she is a nasty person. This wedding was primarily paid for by the Dollar Store, which certainly explains why someone who becomes envious of her own sister’s wedding could never throw a nice one themselves.

Even more ludicrous is the requirement that guests provide their own food, beverages, and seats. This wedding also appears to have a Superman motif. We regret not receiving any more clarification on that, but even so, we can state categorically that this is a wedding we would not want to attend.

What’s Our Destination?

Directions to the venue aren’t really crucial if you’re being married in a local location and all of your guests are locals because most people usually know where to go. However, it’s a different thing if the majority of your visitors are from another state or a completely different nation.

We’re not sure how the absence of instructions slipped past the groom considering that he was from Denmark and most of his guests presumably were as well, but one way or another, we suppose there were many phone calls from guests attempting to find the site.

Weddings are an excuse for some people.

Despite the romantic nature of weddings, for many people, they serve as an excuse to go out and have fun. Why such folks can’t simply go to a pub or whatever else is beyond us; it would be far more suitable. In either case, drinking too much and losing control at a wedding looks like bad party behavior.

Thoughts for the guests and the newlyweds are plenty, but let’s not forget the wedding venue staff who also have to put up with a lot of rubbish. We believe they merit it.

Is anyone else feeling bored?

The wedding pair has to work really hard to keep their guests entertained when the day is actually meant to be about them. However, we think it makes sense for your wedding to be an enjoyable experience for all of your guests.

Unfortunately, the attendees left the wedding quite fast since it was a touch too dull and lacked a DJ and any appetizing refreshments. At least the storyteller in this instance stayed around long enough to assist the bride and groom in their difficult situation.

Maintain a Plan B at all times

It goes without saying that you should have backup plans in case something goes wrong if you truly want to have a wonderful wedding. Have a backup plan in place or postpone the wedding a few days if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony and the weather turns bad.

This is particularly true if other elements of your wedding are already missing, such as having insufficient food and beverages for everyone or seats for guests to sit on. Just try to get at least one part of the day right for everyone, is all we’re suggesting.

Many thanks, Dad

Is there anything worse than having members of your own family attempt to ruin your wedding simply for fun? The groom’s father, who always gave his sons automobiles, apparently made the last-minute decision to have the car he was lending town.

Although technically the dad’s automobile, there was no way that anybody could misunderstand why he did it. Even if it were a significant problem, the father was under no obligation to handle it on the wedding day.

We’re Reminded of a Meme by This

Do you remember the meme when the one man returns carrying pizza only to see the flat on fire and everyone running about in a panic? That’s kind of how this wedding was. It appears like the attendees at this wedding didn’t get along very well with one another since a fight broke out during the reception with only one wrong move.

Since they were presumably seeking any justification to fight, the conclusion is not very surprising. However, what on earth was going on when the first table emptied the whole buffet? That is now just disrespectful.

Cut the nonsense, Dad

We all know that fathers adore their daughters and want them to find loving partners for them. But lecturing the groom about that sort of thing in the middle of the wedding is not acceptable. Actually, it’s not appropriate for the father to advise his daughter’s boyfriend in any way.

You will eventually have to acknowledge that your daughter is an independent adult who can make her own choices and that it is up to her to select a suitable partner rather than the one they end up with. Don’t be the person who her partner and daughter both despise.

The Saddest Horse in the World

Actually, we’re not sure where to start with this disastrous wedding. To begin with, it required hosting about 300 guests in a backyard. Second, everyone had to endure the sweltering heat outside during the worst time of the day. There wasn’t enough food, and there were no enticing drinks.

However, the presence of a tiny pony at the wedding may be its most peculiar feature. Stranger still, nobody appeared to mind that it was there. We’re not sure how the horse wasn’t the only thing that people cared about during a wedding this terrible.

It was gruesome

Unless you’re truly into heavy metal and a gloomy aesthetic, it’s generally not a compliment if someone calls your wedding “brutal.” But we completely understand the emotion if all you serve your visitors is a few asparagus spears and little meatballs.

Not to mention that it was the height of summer in Atlanta, Georgia, and there was no dancing, no sitting, or any of that. Anyone who was present at the time would attest to how unbearably hot it was. This wedding may only be described as brutal.

Call an ambulance, please

There isn’t a single wedding scenario you could imagine where you’d need to dial 911. That often indicates that something negative has occurred. Additionally, it usually dampens the celebrations. not at this wedding, though. No one looked alarmed when the bride fainted from the heat and her attire (as well as some required jogging?).

In reality, they continued the ceremony and didn’t hurry her to the hospital until after the vows had been exchanged in the most indirect manner. If not for the fact that someone thought to call an ambulance, this wedding would not have gone off so well. At any rate, it got worse than it already was.

Authentic MVP

Anyone who has a significant other who practices a different faith is aware of the difficulties in planning a wedding without a hitch. Your families are frequently unwilling to accept religious differences, which may cause all kinds of drama—as we can see in this story—while you and your partner may be willing to do so.

However, the mother-in-law was at least a bright example of joy and kindness. Even though it was a major pain, she did all in her power to mend the flowers when anything went wrong. She is now the true MVP in that situation.

At least they are content

Racism between two families is among the worst things that may occur during a wedding. Treating others poorly because of something so trivial on a day when it should be all about who your child loves is revolting. We don’t understand why the bride’s parents were welcomed with that attitude, especially considering that they flatly refused to cover even a single expenditure.

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