40+ Wedding Facepalms That Made Us Say “I Don’t”

Think again if you believe that attending weddings is only about dressing up and having a wonderful time with friends. For some people, it may very well be the case, but not for everyone. The idea of weddings was altered by this pandemic. When it came to marriage, everyone went berserk. Here is a selection of the funniest and most embarrassing wedding events that will make you exclaim, “I don’t.” Scroll on…

Extravagant wedding gift giving

The main goal of weddings is to marry your closest buddy in front of all of your loved ones. But for other folks, getting pricey presents is everything. This bride-to-be requested presents totaling more than $250.

Bridezilla said it was their loss and that many more people will be attending her wedding when one of the invited guests winced and declined the invitation.

No cost Photography

Until you join one of these online wedding-planning forums, you won’t believe how petty some individuals can be. This person was searching for a wedding photographer to document their special day.

So far, it seems quite typical, right? That is, until you read the conditions, which essentially stipulate that the photographer needs to be ready to work for free and should have at least eight years of expertise in the field. These specifications don’t seem quite as appropriate for new interns, do they? They might not have much expertise, but they’ll do the task for nothing or at a very reduced cost.

The Cousin

Have you ever thought of attending your ex’s wedding? Unless you’re Rachel from Friends and you’ve just gone halfway across the world because you still have emotions for your ex-lover, no one can actually compel you to be there. In this case, Keli’s ex-boyfriend and the cousin had an affair while they were still together. The cousin and ex-fiance of Keli are now getting married.

Even worse, Keli’s aunt keeps pleading with her niece to attend the wedding on the grounds that “family is all we have.” Hmm, maybe Keli’s cousin here ought to have given it more thought before talking behind her back.

The Wife of My Ex-Boyfriend

Here, we have a different but slightly related tale. This lady introduced her partner to her ex-best friend while they were dating. After they split up, her ex started dating her best friend and later, they ended up planning a wedding.

The worst thing is that she received credit from the couple for connecting with them when they were first dating. We are now at a loss for words.

The Unwanted Request

The ideal marriage proposal should be incredibly romantic and full of surprises, right? This person made the decision to go too far. When we say something is “too far,” we mean it. At her sister’s wedding, to which he was not even invited, he made the decision to pop the question to his then-girlfriend.

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