Top 12 Immediate Hiring Jobs In Malaysia

At the end of 2022, Malaysia’s unemployment rate will have dropped to 3.6 percent.

Even while more individuals are entering or returning to the labor field, some people are still having trouble finding employment. Start looking for jobs in Malaysia that are hiring right away if you need to get started working straight immediately.

This article includes a list of some of the top possibilities for all skill and experience levels and explains what you need to know to discover quick employment in Malaysia.

What Are the Top Jobs in Malaysia with Quick Hiring?

There are several jobs in Malaysia that are available right now and are worth applying for. This is a list of 12 of the top choices to take into account:

1. Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative helps customers by providing relevant information, answering questions, and addressing complaints. They operate as the client or customer’s initial point of contact and ensure that they are satisfied with the products, services, and features provided.

A few common customer support roles and duties include returning calls and emails from clients, responding to their questions and concerns, and assisting them with straightforward setup or troubleshooting steps. A sales customer service professional’s duties and tasks include selling clients’ products and services and managing payments.

2. Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants support a variety of specialists in offices. They coordinate schedules, deal with phone and email communication, and cross out unnecessary items from their bosses’ to-do lists.

Annual Salary: RM 43,700 on average

Salary: RM 21,000 to 68,600 year

Skills Necessary

  • Organizing abilities
  • Talents with time management
  • Communication abilities and attention to detail

3. Logistics Coordinator

A logistics coordinator’s efforts determine a company’s capacity to rapidly deliver its products to customers. They are in charge of overseeing the whole supply chain of a company, from manufacturing to delivery. An efficient logistics coordinator will have a system that maximizes revenue and is easy to use.

Making sure that a company’s fulfillment activities don’t run over schedule is one of the main objectives of this position. The local, state, federal, and international organizations that govern these activities may keep an eye on logistic coordinators since they are responsible for making sure operations adhere to legal and regulatory criteria. This position may report to a Chief Supply Chain Officer or Logistics Supervisor, depending on the firm.

4. Cleaner/Housekeeper

Housekeepers and cleaners provide services to companies, hotels, resorts, and private individuals. They make sure that workplaces are always hygienic and clean. The homeowner or management in charge must be notified of any safety issues, and cleaning must be done. As part of their duties, they must sweep, vacuum, empty trash cans, dust bookcases, wash windows, and mop floors. Laundry, light ironing, dishwashing, and linen changes are tasks that some housekeepers carry out.

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5. Security Officer

A security officer is a trained professional who keeps an eye on security cameras, patrols the inside and outside of buildings and makes sure that everyone on the property is secure and protected from danger.

The duties of a security officer include:

  • Routinely patrolling the area to keep it in order and establish a presence
  • Observing and approving the entry of cars and individuals onto the property
  • Getting criminals or trespassers out of the area
  • How Security Guards Manage Stressful Situations

6. Retail Sales Assistant

Greeting clients and operating cash registers are the responsibilities of a sales assistant, who also assists customers in locating everything they want inside the business. The sales assistant will assist consumers in locating whatever items they require, whether it be clothing, footwear, or cosmetics.

Once consumers approach a business, a sales assistant must welcome them, assist them, and inform them of the goods and services on offer. They could also help if someone complains about something they bought from them not operating properly.

7. Storekeeper

The practice of preserving all raw materials, suppliers, completed goods, purchased goods, and other store-related commodities in safe custody are known as storekeeping. The management of materials and ensuring that there is no material degradation is within the purview of storekeepers. Knowing more about this profession may be helpful if you wish to work as a storekeeper. What a storekeeper does, how much they make, where they work, and the qualifications needed to succeed as one are all covered in this article.

Inventory is kept up to date, and store managers oversee all activities. These experts safeguard the safety of all store-related merchandise from ordering to receiving to maintaining inventory. In addition to this, a storekeeper completes a number of daily tasks.

8. Web Developer

A web developer’s job is to create websites like Shopify, Etsy, etc. Together with ensuring sure the website is visually appealing and easy to use, many web developers are also responsible for the performance and capacity of the website.

The three primary categories of web developers are back-end developers, front-end developers, and full-stack developers. There are some web designers that also manage websites. You might work as a freelance web developer taking on projects for one-on-one clients or for a business or agency.

9. Manufacturing Associates

Several sectors rely heavily on their manufacturing workforces. They do a range of jobs in plants and factories that assist transform raw materials into finished goods. They could be responsible for running machines, putting together components, checking goods for quality assurance, and other production-related tasks.

Engineers or managers who plan and direct the production of new items generally supervise manufacturing assistants. They could also collaborate with other experts like technicians, mechanics, welders, etc. who offer the particular knowledge and abilities they need to do their duties well.

10. Telemarketer

Telemarketers are telephone-based sales representatives that work for in-house call centers or outside contact center companies.
The telemarketer’s main responsibility is to try to sell products or services to “prospects” using leads obtained from the marketing division of the organization. As telemarketers seldom have face-to-face interactions with their clients, having a polished telephone manner and being skilled at persuasion are essential skills.

Several businesses rely heavily on telemarketers as their primary source of revenue and profit, and they form the backbone of the telemarketing sector. Millions of people are employed by the telemarketing sector, which has grown to be one of the biggest sectors in many nations.

11. Production Supervisor

The equipment, personnel, and procedures on a production floor are directly under the control of a production supervisor. They will be in charge of scheduling and regular production tasks as well as serving as the initial point of contact for troubleshooting whenever issues emerge.

The first level of management for a manufacturing team is production supervision. It is mostly focused on sustaining a manufacturing line’s functionality and continuing to produce the final product. Maximizing production uptime while ensuring product quality and worker safety are the objectives.

Management of the production crew, as well as initial equipment and manufacturing facility process troubleshooting, are both standard aspects of production supervision.

12. Construction Manager

Every stage of a building project must be effectively managed and planned, and this is the responsibility of construction managers. They make sure construction jobs are finished safely, on schedule, and within budget. In order to make sure that every stage of a project proceeds according to plan, a construction manager would supervise work schedules and assign duties to their team.

The path to becoming a construction manager can take several forms. An apprenticeship or a university study can help you get the credentials you need to get started on your professional path.

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