Top Highest Paying Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is becoming a dream location for international professionals moving there every year. Due to the comforts of life and the potential for professional progression, many move to Abu Dhabi to look for work. Here, I’ve selected the top 20 occupations in Abu Dhabi in terms of pay. According to a poll conducted earlier this year, Abu Dhabi has risen to become the second-most preferred location for bankers worldwide and the second-most desired location for UK professionals.

What Kind of Salary Is Wealthy in Abu Dhabi?

What constitutes “wealthy” varies greatly from location to location and circumstance to circumstance. A family of four may be able to get by on a wage that makes it possible for one adult to live quite well.

Yet when you consider one of the richest cities in the world, what exactly does the word “rich” mean? In order to respond to this query, we must first go back and discuss the typical pay in Abu Dhabi.

According to the most recent statistics, Abu Dhabi’s annual average pay is AED 314,883. The average annual salary is only about AED 99,171.

11 Top Highest-Paying Jobs in Abu Dhabi

This is a list of the highest-paying positions in Abu Dhabi, complete with wages and benefits.

1. Full-Stack Programmer

Full-stack programmers work on both the front end and the back end (also known as the server-side or back end) of websites and applications. They are proficient in coding languages and have previous UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) design and visual design expertise.

Estimated Salary: AED 292,672 annually

Dev Technosys UAE, Mythrifa, and Alef Education are just a few of the organizations that are recruiting.

2. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

A CMO is in charge of an organization’s marketing efforts with the goal of enhancing the brand. You work on brand strategy as a CMO to uphold and advance the product.

One of the top-paid occupations in the UAE is this one. This is because the UAE is home to countless brands and businesses, making the CMO position there crucial.

According to Payscale, salaries range from AED 39,000 to AED 46,000 per month.

3. Accounting and financial experts

Dh75,000 per month on average, including benefits.

Payscale: from 55,000 to 90,000 dirhams

Since they are an organization’s most important and reliable source of strategic advice, chief financial officers (CFOs) earn significant salaries. Risky judgments are made by the CFO about matters including profitability, investments, money, accounting, and satisfying shareholders. Having a love for finance, accounting, and creating shareholder value is essential for success as a CFO. “You must not be scared to take the difficult decisions and, of course, to be your own man. Economics and accounting majors are possible CFO qualifications, but managing experience is most crucial.

4. Laboratory Technologist

To assess the patient’s body fluids and tissues, laboratory personnel take samples and perform tests. But, they may also be found at doctor’s offices, medical and diagnostic laboratories, and hospitals, where they are most frequently found.

Estimated salary: AED 142,066 annually

The National Reference Laboratory, NMC Healthcare, and Al Futtaim are all hiring.

5. Judges

One of the most difficult careers is that of a judge, who must have a thorough understanding of the law and pay close attention to every detail in order to provide a just judgment. As a result, it unquestionably ranks among the highest-paying jobs.

Because of your significant responsibilities and important position, you are generously compensated. If your area of study is law, this is a fresh opportunity for you to stretch yourself.

Salary Expert estimates that salaries range from AED 34,100 to AED 108,000 per month.

6. Doctor

Doctors’ duties include examining, diagnosing, and treating patients. They can work as general practitioners or as specialists in a particular area, like cardiology or obstetrics.

What they make: The average yearly salary for doctors in the United Arab Emirates is AED 881,520 (£185,756). Although commissions are presumably included, salaries of AED 2,160,000 (£464,213) have also been reported in the country.

To become a doctor in this nation, you’ll require extensive education and training. Also, you’ll need to meet the registration and licensing standards set out by the health council of your state.

7. Bankers

With allowances, the average monthly wage is Dh70,000, while the salary range is Dh63,750 to Dh77,500.

Vice Presidents for Asset and Liabilities, Retail Banking, Branch Networks, and Alternative Channels
The bank’s VP is significantly involved in important choices, such as long-term, high-level loans, possible investments that might boost the bank’s profile, and senior-level banking positions that are viewed as the major decision-makers that can drastically change the bank’s reputation. High-paying wages are offered by banking employment to skilled and experienced applicants.

8. Human Resources Manager

Managers of human resources operate in a range of organizations, from small firms to big multinationals. They are in charge of hiring new staff and conducting employee interviews.

Estimated Salary: AED 261,468 annually

The Intercontinental Abu Dhabi, Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi, and Graviton Interiors are all hiring.

9. Actuaries

In the UAE, there are many insurance businesses, and an important position there is an actuary. Your responsibility is to conduct a thorough data search to locate and assess any potential risk factors.

After doing the analysis, you should implement insurance plans and minimize risk as much as possible. Due to the importance of their work to insurance firms, actuaries receive the highest pay in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Salary Expert estimates that salaries range from AED 21,450 to AED 38,000 per month.

10. IT Director

IT directors are in charge of directing the development and application of technology inside an organization. They work in a range of contexts, including law offices, charitable foundations, financial institutions, and regional and federal governments.

What they Make: Given that one of the industries with the quickest growth and most human resource need is IT, a career in this field would be the best option. IT directors often make AED 720,000 ($151,782) annually.

It takes 10 to 12 years of industry experience in addition to a bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science.

11. Pilot

Pilots’ salaries range from $30,000 to $75,000 per year, with an average monthly wage of Dh52,500.

Particularly in the Gulf area, where the aviation sector is rapidly expanding, pilots are in great demand. “There is a global need for competent flight deck experts, and Middle Eastern airlines are a top destination for candidates. Free housing, electricity, education fees, and provident fund investments are further perks. A license is not enough; additional training and examinations are required. Commercial pilots are required to hold a license that complies with ICAO requirements and must also pass a medical fitness test.

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