Top 20 Work from Home Jobs in Singapore

COVID-19 has altered the way we operate. Nowadays, more of us work from home (WFH), and many of us adore this new configuration.

A startling 9 in 10 Singaporeans stated they would like to continue working from home in some capacity even when the WFH mandate ultimately expires. Why not, then?

As many people have realized, WFH offers a number of advantages. You don’t waste time getting ready and traveling. Your work schedule is more adaptable. You spend less on transportation, dining out, and business attire.

WFH is a dream come true for some people.

Naturally, certain professions are more suitable for WFH than others, often those that can be done entirely online, whether it be on a part-time, full-time, or freelance basis. These remote positions are ideal for stay-at-home mothers and are also appropriate as side businesses due to their flexibility.

What are Singapore’s Top 20 Jobs that can be done from home?

The following list has been arranged by the type of work or industry connected to the employment in question because it is difficult to determine the ideal type of job for every given person. Many remote employees sell their skills and knowledge independently as freelancers or consultants, which requires them to handle the administration of funds, dealing with clients, and other minute elements of operating a business. In return, employees have the ability to choose their own hours and rates and are virtually their own bosses.

1. Deliver food

Many Singaporeans are now ordering food online and having it delivered to their homes as a result of the epidemic and local business closures in recent years. As a result, delivery apps like Grab have become more and more popular.

If you don’t mind leaving the house and want to be employed right immediately, part-time work as a food delivery person is a wonderful choice to think about.

2. Graphic Designer

Consumers are inspired, educated, and captivated by the visual material produced by graphic designers. These might be used on a range of platforms, including websites, billboards, and physical signs in addition to more conventional print media. Depending on the situation, you may claim that these creative folks are vital, both as marketing partners and as storytellers for brands and products.

What do graphic designers get paid for?

Project-based hourly rate: S$10 to S$28 Pay Variable based on project size. For a straightforward logo design or website update, you may charge a few hundred dollars. For larger projects or if you’re on a regular retainer, you might charge thousands of dollars.

3. Copywriter

Writing material for work is referred to as “copywriting” informally. In contrast to creative writing for amusement (or fulfillment) or technical writing to elucidate intricate procedures, a copy is business-oriented writing that accomplishes a specific advertising or marketing aim.

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