09 Highest Paying Jobs in Manchester

According to estimates, Manchester’s GDP per person will reach $66,765 by the end of 2022. In Manchester, both the economy and the job market are expanding, particularly for positions with high salaries.

Are you trying to find employment in Manchester? Do you wish to optimize your income and work a job that pays well?

It makes no difference if you’re a seasoned professional looking to shift careers or a student making future plans. You may choose from a variety of lucrative employment in this region.

You can discover a list of Manchester’s highest-paying sectors, as well as information on the city’s highest-paying positions for recent graduates, in this guide. You will discover the degrees you can get.

1. Nurse Practitioners

Specialized nurses with training become nurse practitioners. They are highly qualified nurses with extra medical training that enables them to offer more complex nursing care and administer medicines.

Several issues for which you may have previously seen a doctor can be treated and advised by nurse practitioners. Their primary specialties include the treatment of chronic disorders and common ailments.

The nurse practitioners can evaluate and examine you, diagnose your condition, and offer advice, treatment, and, if necessary, a prescription. They are able to direct patients to hospital doctors or other healthcare providers, conduct any required investigations, and admit patients to the hospital as needed.

2. Software Developer

To create software that satisfies user demands in consumer and sector-specific applications, software developers apply their understanding of programming and design. Before constructing, testing, and distributing the program in line with the instructions they have been provided, they often meet with a customer who wants software generated.

Nowadays, software developers, also known as software engineers, are essential to the health of our economy. Software is the engine that powers every electronic device and computing platform in existence. It is more than simply codes, video games, and apps.

In Manchester, the average yearly pay for a graduate software developer is £37,571. With a range of £735 to £8,334, the average increased cash salary for a graduate software developer in Manchester is £2,475.

3. Physician Assistant

Physician assistants speak with and assess patients, identify their diseases and injuries, and, if required, aid in formulating a treatment plan. When medically required, they will also propose lifestyle adjustments or adaptations, order and interpret diagnostic tests, and prescribe drugs. In the Manchester, United Kingdom, region, a physician assistant’s annual pay is predicted to be £40,938.

4. Marketing Manager

To arouse clients’ interest in their products and services, marketing managers employ a number of media platforms. They frequently dictate how a business interacts with its customers.

If you’re looking for a position where you can use your initiative and people skills to have a positive influence on a firm, marketing management can be a suitable fit. Consider the job requirements and the road to marketing manager success.

In the UK, the average marketing manager pay is £40,02 per year or £20.51 per hour. Most experienced professionals earn up to £55,149 per year, while entry-level roles start at £35,000.

5. Pharmacist

Those who specialize in the administration, preservation and storage of pharmaceuticals are known as pharmacists. They may provide you with tips on how to take medications and let you know if there are any potential negative effects. They fill prescriptions written by doctors and other medical specialists.

Pharmacists work on new medication testing and development as well. They are employed by pharmacies, doctors’ offices, hospitals, universities, and public institutions.

In London, England, a pharmacist makes an average yearly pay of £46,519. With a range of £331 to £19,180, the average additional cash salary for a chemist in London, United Kingdom, is £2,520.

6. Financial Manager

A financial manager is a person who monitors an organization’s finances and works to guarantee its sustainability. They oversee a number of crucial tasks, including controlling spending, generating correct financial data, and developing profit-maximizing strategies.

Businesses rely on finance managers to oversee their budgets and assist them in achieving their financial objectives. As a result, they are crucial to the success of an organization.

Financial managers are in demand across a variety of sectors, including banking, asset management, insurance, healthcare, educational technology, and others. KPMG, HDFC, Barclays, State Bank of India, Morgan Stanley, and McKinsey & Co. are a few of the best employers for a finance position.

7. Lawyer

A lawyer’s advice-giving duties include advising clients on their legal obligations and rights as well as suggesting courses of action in both works- and personal-related situations. All lawyers do study the legislative and judicial purposes and then apply the laws to the unique situations that their clients encounter. Even in the absence of a planned or ongoing case, a barrister may provide clients with legal advice for their consideration.

Building and maintaining connections with clients is one of the most crucial and fundamental aspects of legal practice. Interviewing clients is one of a lawyer’s duties to get to know them better. The client’s goals must then be made clear to the solicitor after the facts of the case have been established.

8. Chief Executive Officer

The chief executive officer is a corporation’s highest-ranking executive (CEO). Making crucial business choices, managing a company’s overall operations and financial resources, and acting as the main informational link between the board of directors and corporate operations are often among the chief executive officer’s main responsibilities. Frequently, the chief executive officer speaks on behalf of the company in public.

The CEO is chosen by the board and the company’s shareholders. They answer the board and chair, who are chosen by the shareholders.

In London, England, the average yearly pay for a chief executive officer is £1,14,469. In London, England, the average supplemental cash salary for a chief executive officer is £42,548, with a range of £5,521 to £3,27,879. The 344 anonymous salary contributions made by Chief Executive Officer workers in London, United Kingdom, are the basis for the 344 salary estimations.

9. Physician or Surgeon

Manchester’s doctors and surgeons get relatively high starting wages ($158,400 on average per year). This is not too bad for a recent graduate because it is more than twice what the typical Manchester resident makes. This is particularly true when you take into account the average annual salary of $236,830 that doctors and surgeons may expect to earn as they advance in their professions.

Of course, obtaining the credentials required to become a doctor or surgeon takes a long time. After high school, you’re looking at 8–12 years of extra study, therefore it’s not for individuals who are impatient or disinterested in learning. Yet, if you’re prepared to put in the effort, you’ll be amply rewarded and may anticipate a salary.

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