Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia

In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a lot of global organizations extend lucrative employment opportunities. In this way, work searchers, on the off chance that you are searching for an extraordinary vocation with a significant salary rate, Saudi Arabia is an incredible work environment. Continue to peruse to study the best salary occupations in Saudi Arabia.

Notwithstanding the rundown of significant compensation professions, this post-work guide has accumulated salary reach and normal pay rates from Glassdoor, PayScale, and Bay Ability. It additionally incorporates a few habitually posed inquiries to help you during the time spent in your pursuit of employment.

Right away, how about we get to know the best-paying position in Saudi Arabia?

14 Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a quickly non-industrial nation with a great many megaprojects close by. Global lucrative organizations in Saudi Arabia are extending open positions with great compensation. Following is the rundown of the most lucrative positions in Saudi Arabia in 2023:

1. Chief Executive Officer (President)

President is a person who drives the board and runs the firm on an essential level. They are answerable for overseeing and coordinating associations, organizations, or enterprises. The Chief position is high on request in Saudi Arabia as it is home to numerous huge associations and organizations.

In this way, being President is a lucrative profession in any firm in Saudi Arabia.

  • Salary Reach President’s salary in Saudi Arabia goes from SAR 17,000 to SAR 134,000 every month.
  • Normal Salary The typical month-to-month salary of a Chief in Saudi Arabia is SAR 77,000.

2. Lawyers

Lawyers are individuals who offer legitimate counsel and administrations to people in general or any association. They guide various parts of regulation in business. Lawyers help organizations draft and document legitimate papers and resolve any issues that an organization might experience. Subsequently, it is perhaps the most lucrative work in Saudi Arabia.

As a legitimate professional in Saudi Arabia, you can hope to make up to $144,000 each year. Occupations are ample in many fields of corporate, real estate, and finance regulation. A solid scholarly foundation is fundamental, and 4-6 years of related knowledge at a law office is typically required. Lawful positions in Saudi Arabia offer brilliant open doors for ex-pats. A few organizations just need lawyers from the U.S. or the U.K., making it engaging for ex-pats hoping to acquire global experience.

  • Salary Reach Lawyers in Saudi Arabia procure from SAR 13,000 to SAR 75,000 every month.
  • Normal Salary Lawyers’ typical salary in Saudi Arabia is SAR 44,000 every month.
  • 3. Petroleum Engineers

Saudi Arabia is well-known for its oil sector. Over the years, petroleum engineers have gained popularity in the field. Engineers in the petroleum industry will be well compensated and have promising careers.

Petroleum engineers plan and foster oil and gas fields. They manage the advancement of hydrocarbon repositories, build petroleum processing plants, and discard penetrating squanders. In light of the requirement for information and experience, petroleum engineers are generously compensated in Saudi Arabia.

Salary Reach Petroleum engineers in Saudi Arabia procure from SAR 8,500 to SAR 78,000 every month.

Normal Salary The typical month-to-month salary of petroleum engineers in Saudi Arabia is SAR 43,250.

4. Specialists/Clinical professionals

Specialists and by and large clinical and medical services professions like dental specialists, attendants, lab professionals, and drug specialists are significant compensation occupations in Saudi Arabia.

Among all medical services professions, Specialists are paid the most significant pay. They are answerable for diagnosing and treating wounds or illnesses in patients.

Salary Reach Every month, Saudi specialists and clinical professionals earn between SAR 14,400 and SAR 66,200.

Average Pay In Saudi Arabia, the average monthly income for specialists is SAR 40,300.

5. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are liable for expanding the deals of items and administrations in an association. They take choices connected with publicizing, marking, advancements, and so forth, of an organization or business.

Since their abilities put an exceptional on the outcome of any organization, they are among the most worthwhile professions in the country.

Salary Reach Every month, marketing managers in Saudi Arabia are paid between SAR 8,000 and SAR 51,000. Average Pay Marketing managers in Saudi Arabia typically earn SAR 29,500 per month.

6. Finance Managers

Finance managers are the most lucrative positions in Saudi Arabia. They foster plans and strategies to take full advantage of monetary assets inside an association. Finance managers take part in the planning of monetary reports, and figures and furthermore regulate the execution of ventures. They screen the, generally speaking, monetary prosperity of the organization. Accordingly, they are paid the most significant compensation.

  • Salary Reach Finance managers in Saudi Arabia procure from SAR 11,500 to SAR 42,500 every month.
  • Normal Salary The typical salary of a finance manager in Saudi Arabia is SAR 27,000 every month.

7. Construction Engineer

Saudi Arabia’s building industry is massive. There are hundreds of job vacancies in the construction industry. Project managers and laborers are both included in the occupation. A task manager in the construction business is by and large an engineer with a ton of skill. Subsequently, engineers in different businesses, for example, common, electrical, and mechanical engineering, are sought after. They acquire brilliant compensation because of monstrous construction projects in progress in the country. Offering the potential chance to procure more than $168,000 each year, this job is fundamental for Saudi Arabia’s developing economy.

Construction project managers are liable for planning materials and groups. They’re responsible for exploring construction drawings and outlines. They’re supposed to guarantee quality and security control as well as comply with efficiency targets and time constraints. Home to 25% of the world’s oil, Saudi Bedouin organizations is many times searching for pipeline project managers. Most organizations require around 10 years of involvement with project management. Experience in the oil and gas industry will help you significantly in your pursuit of employment.

  • Salary Reach Construction project managers in Saudi Arabia acquire from SAR 11,500 to SAR 36,500 every month.
  • Normal Salary The typical salary of a construction manager in Saudi Arabia is SAR 24,000.

8. Banking Professional

Banking professionals are the people who work in banks and manage cash and other monetary administrations for clients or clients. People working in the banking area anticipate a decent salary in Saudi Arabia. Particularly a bank manager job is among the most lucrative positions in the country.

  • Salary Reach In Saudi Arabia, Banking Professionals’ salary goes from SAR 5,700 to SAR 37,300 every month.
  • Normal Salary The typical salary of a banking professional in Saudi Arabia is SAR 21,500 every month.

9. Information Technology Professional

IT professionals are answerable for planning, creating, and keeping up with programming applications in various areas. As an IT manager, you’ll be liable for recruiting, preparing, and directing the whole IT staff. You will be supposed to stick to legitimate and administrative compliances. On an everyday premise, you’ll have to keep up with the organization’s offices, framework, and organization security.

You’ll likewise be answerable for guaranteeing web access and superior execution organizing. Contingent upon the business, you may likewise have to give remote organization admittance to workers. This predetermined range of abilities effectively makes an interpretation from one industry to another, so it tends to be a decent chance to begin a lifelong in another field. An IT Manager in Saudi Arabia can hope to procure more than $168,000 each year.

IT professionals in Saudi Arabia work with enterprises to make sites, encourage groups of people, framework security, and so forth.

  • Salary Reach Information technology managers in Saudi Arabia acquire from SAR 5,500 to SAR 24,500 every month.
  • Normal Salary The typical salary of an IT professional in Saudi Arabia is SAR 15,000 every month.

10. Teacher

Teaching is among the top-paying position in Saudi Arabia. Compensations depend on capabilities and level of instruction. You ought to be capable in the English language and hold essentially a four-year certification with a couple of long periods of involvement with the teaching field. Teachers can shape youngsters’ futures in their country. Subsequently, they are remunerated more and have one of the most open works and significant entryways in Saudi Arabia.

  • Salary Reach Teachers in Saudi Arabia get compensated from SAR 4,500 to SAR 18,500 every month.
  • Normal Salary The typical month-to-month salary of teachers in Saudi Arabia is SAR 11,500.

11. Treasury Manager Occupations in Saudi Arabia

With a yearly salary of almost $192,000, a treasury manager in Saudi Arabia can hope to experience huge learning experiences. As the funding market arises in KSA, occupations in banking and finance will turn out to be increasingly alluring. To qualify, you’ll expect close to 10 years of contribution along with a professional degree, similar to an ACA, CMA, or MBA.

By and large, treasury managers ought to have insight into banking organization and treasury management. You ought to comprehend cash management and money anticipation. You ought to be familiar with credit and resource support. On top of that, serious areas of strength for these abilities are an unquestionable necessity.

12. Saudi Middle Eastern doctor or General Professional

It’s a given that filling in as an overall expert requires practitioner training. With the capacity to acquire almost $13,000 each month, this job will be basically the same in Saudi Arabia as in some other areas of the planet.

Hope to give routine medical services, perform actual tests, and give inoculations. You’ll have to treat both intense and constant diseases and regulate prescriptions. You will likewise require insight into giving pre-operation and post-operation care.

Most emergency offices and clinical fixations in Saudi Arabia need a GP with 4-5 years of commitment. In the event that you have a specialization in a specific field, more experience as a dependable expert might be huge.

13. Real Estate Agent

Do you have information on home and land deals, buys, and rents? A Real Estate Manager in Saudi Arabia can get more than $144,000 consistently for their skill.

The occupation expects that you guarantee new advancements are on target. You’ll have to know how to boost the profits of every property resource. Contingent upon the business, you may likewise have to enlist project workers and get ready for financial plans.

Most real estate firms need 8-15 years of involvement, and five of those years ought to incorporate overseeing others. A degree is normally required, serious areas of strength and abilities are an unquestionable necessity!

14. Human Resource Manager

With a long-term confirmation and 5-10 years of contribution, you can be a Human Resource Manager in Saudi Arabia. Like HR management positions in the U.S. and Europe, you’ll have the option to perform various tasks. In the event that you know how to keep up with representative relations and manage huge gatherings, you can procure around $144,000/year.

As an HR manager, you’ll manage the enlistment, recruiting, preparing, and direction, everything being equal. You’ll be expected to keep up with a standard working methodology, while likewise having to know how to manage representative worries and issues. You’ll likewise have the option to shuffle numerous issues all at once.


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