40+ Weird Guinness World Records We Didn’t Know Existed

Undoubtedly, you know all about Guinness World Records, or the Guinness Book of World Records, as it was previously known. Guinness World Records is a yearly reference book that rundowns world records for both human achievements and the limits of the regular world. It was first distributed in 1995. From that point forward, Guinness World Records has become the smash hit protected book in the entire world, and with each new release, we learn of significantly more interesting and mind-blowing records, precisely like the ones we’ve referenced here!

Most flexible skin

Thanks to a rare medical disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which causes collagen to become deficient and causes hypermobile and loose skin, Garry Turner has held the honor of holding this record since 1999.

Accordingly, Mr. Turner may stretch the skin on his stomach up to 6.25 inches without experiencing any pain. The British performer was a part of The Circus of Horrors in 2005 and is presently a sideshow performer.

Most body piercings

Certain people are born with a special ability or physical characteristic that simply cannot be replicated by anybody else, like in the case of Mr. Turner, who has stretched skin. Subsequently, certain records can’t be broken. At different times, as with Elaine Davidson, it’s an issue of finding somebody prepared to put themselves through a lot of distress or potentially enhance themselves with a few piercings.

The Brazilian has a record-breaking 462 body piercings, including 192 all over and 214 in her genital locale.

Biggest Mac Burgers Consumed in a Lifetime

There are McDonald’s junkies all around the world, but none of them compare to Wisconsin’s Donald Gorske.

The 67-year-old “Big Mac enthusiast” holds the record for consuming the most Big Macs—a staggering 28,788—over the course of his lifetime. He believes that the Big Mac makes up 90–95% of all the solid food he consumes, and he typically consumes 14 of these burgers every week. Interestingly, Mr. Gorske claims to have a cholesterol level of 140 while only weighing 185 pounds and standing 6’2″.

The biggest rubber band ball

It’s remarkable how much use the average person can get out of something so basic and seemingly meaningless as a rubber band.

Joel Waul set the standard by making a 9,032-pound Goliath elastic band ball in 2008, which procured him a spot in the Guinness World Records. Mr. Ward developed his 6-foot-7-inch ball, which he called “Megatron,” out of 700,000 elastic groups of different widths.

Held the longest plank

Many gymgoers and yoga practitioners are familiar with the plank posture. Just accept the push-up pose, yet rather than laying on your hands, lay on your lower arms. Holding it is difficult since your abs can soon become fatigued.

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