Things you need to know about Bermuda Triangle


  1. The Bermuda Triangle has an area of about 500,000 square miles running from Miami, Floria to Bermuda and Puerto Rico.
  2. On December 5, 1945 a strange incident happened on the Bermuda Triangle. During their training five pilots from US Navy turned towards Bermuda Traingle. After which they reported at the control station that their compass was not working, soon after that they lost contact with them and what remains now is just a mystery
  3. Just after this incident the US Navy sent search teams to find the missing aircraft and what happened to them, but the team also went missing near the Bermuda Triangle.
  4. The Bermuda Triangle mystery was first mentioned by Christopher Columbus in his journals. Still after many years scientists can’t explain what’s causing the planes and ships to go missing.
  5. One theory says that beneath the water there might be some kind of magnetizing material or object that’s attracting aircrafts or ships towards it.
  6. Another theory says that there is a high amount of Methane gas near the area is causing these incidents and there research have been in place for explanation.
  7. The place has taken lives of many in tge last hundred years or so and no one knows what happened to these people.
  8. Some people say that this might be due to extraterrestrial activities going on around that place.


Conspiracy Theories about Bill Gates


  1. In 2015, Bill Gates in a Tedtalk mentioned about how a virus will cause damage in the future.
  2. In 1992, an Agenda was signed by President Bush and Clinton to create Earth sustainable by depopulating the world.
  3. It was reported that in september 2017 more than 500,000 Kenyan women were .ade sterile by a tetanus vaccine pushed by the government and organisations of Bill Gates.
  4. In a recent TedTalk he mentioned how he wants to depopulate the world.
  5. In 2019, Bill Gates foundation backed the Event 201. A simulation as to how what will happen if a pandemic spreas across the globe and world economy crashed.
  6. A month later coronavirus pandemic came and spread through the globe.
  7. Bill Gates have given WHO $3.5 billion through grants in the past decade.
  8. The World Heatlh Organization is a major health organisation in the world, but instead of being an independent organization it’s financed by Bill Gates.
  9. On March 12 WHO declared coronavirus as a pandemic and the next day Bill Gates step down from the board of Microsoft.
  10. Bill Gates foundation has been working on vaccines for decades and has patents for the vaccine for coronavirus and he won’t release it in public.
  11. Bill Gates has been claimed as an Infectious Disease Expert by most of the news outlets but he’s not a scientist or an expert in health.
  12. The plan to microshop the world population has been backed by Bill Gates ID2020 movement. And so far $2.5 billion dollars have been invested by him for this project.


Interesting facts about Dark matter

  1. About 84.5% of all the matter in the universe is dark matter.
  2. Dark matter can only be detected through its attraction to normal matter, unlike normal matter it’s not made of protons and neutrons and doesn’t interact with electromagnetic forces. It’s doesn’t even absorb or emit light.
  3. There’s a problem called Missing mass that suggests that there’s some matter missing that we don’t don’t of which is holding these galaxies together according to Swiss Astronomer, Fritz Zwicky.
  4. The problem said that the stars, gases and visible matter accounts for only 20% of the total matter in our galaxy and the speed at which the galaxies flow was enough to flow them apart. So there’s something missing that needs a lot more mass to hold them together.
  5. The bullet cluster provides the strongest evidence for dark matter by gravitational lending studies. In this cluster, collision of two galaxies merged two galaxies together without any damage to the stars. Meaning there were some invisible field governing the stars of those galaxies.
  6. To detect dark matter in the universe a technique called gravitational lensing is used. To detect dark matter, astronomers check for bending of light as dark matter is responsible for ending of light from distant light sources.
  7. A galaxy is surrounded by a dark matter halo around it extending beyond its edges. The milky way galaxy is too and the halo is spherical in shape and is much bigger than the galaxy.
  8. According to recent studies dark matter is a mixture of both hot and cold dark matter. The temperature determines the speed of the particles. Hot particles move nearly at the speed of light while cold particles move much slower.
  9. Neutrinos are a good example of hot dark matter, they are weakly-interacting subatomic particles which don’t carry any electric charge leaving them unaffected by an electromagnetic field.
  10. According to a hypothesis of a Pecci-Quinn theory, a hypothetical particle named ‘Axions’ having a low mass could be a component of cold dark matter.


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