Mystries surrounding Area 51

  1. Located in the state of Nevada, US Area 51 has been in news in recent times for speculations about extraterrestrial activities. The officials say that the place is an Air Base for the US and operations conducted are completely kept as secret.
  2. According to reports, this place actually built during the Cold War between Russia and America to test and develop aircrafts. But it was not confirmed until 2013.
  3. The place is under full surveillance through high security cameras. And it believed that around 1500 people come for work form Las Vegas.
  4. A UFO like object crashed near in New Mexico in 1947 and it’s believed that the bodies of pilots are kept here however the US Government denied it and said it was just a weather balloon.
  5. There have been multiple UFO sightings around the region cliamed by many people, some people even claim that these aliens have carried out experimnets on them.
  6. Several years ago, a man named Robert Ledger claimed that he have worked on Alien Technology inside Area 51 giving proofs about like the medical pictures of aliens.


Interesting inventions and facts  about Nikola Tesla

  1. Nikola Tesla introduced the concept that Earth is a giant Magnet and can be he generated electricity through, SI unit of Magnetic Flux was named Tesla in his honour.
  2. In 1882, Tesla started working for Thomas Edison known for inventing the light bulb. His main task was to work on DC motors developed by Edison. Edison had promised Tesla to provide 50,000 dollars if he completed the design but Edison didn’t stood on his promise and said it was a joke. So Tesla resigned as soon as possible.
  3. In 1943, the Supreme Court of the United States accepted that Tesla’s patents for the idea of a radio we’re older than Marconi’s. The idea was actually developed by Tesla first.
  4. The X-Rays were first discovered by Tesla through an experiment with electromagnetic waves. He believed that everything we want to know about the universe is around us all the time, but we need to use our mind to see it.
  5. He was the first who discovered the ways for using and harnessing neon light by creating it in bended light tubes.
  6. Nikola Tesla was more concerned about inventions then getting famous, there are many patents for his discovery that he didn’t get credit for. He had major contributions in the field of computers and lasers.
  7. In his honour, there is a Nikola Tesla Award named after him for scientists and inventors making contribution in the field of electricity.
  8. Nikola Tesla died on January 7, 1943 due to coronary thrombosis in which flow of blood to the hearth gets blocked from a clot in the coronary artery.


Story behind the 6 inch skeleton

  1.  A shocking news surfaced of a small skeleton around 15 years ago found in the Atacama desert of Chile. This skeleton only had 2 sets of ribs (10) as opposed to 12 ribs found in a human body.
  2. At the time it was believed that the skeleton was extraterrestrial in origin. A documentary was made about the same that the skeleton found was of an Alien.
  3. From a report by Genome researchers it was found that the skeleton was actually of a human not an alien. And it was also found that the age of the skeleton was 40 years.
  4. According to Gary Nolan, it was a skeleton of a physically underdeveloped baby and was maybe due to dwarfism.
  5. The size of the skeleton found 15 years ago was just 6 inches and was of a baby girl as opposed to the idea of an alien. The baby had a disease of dwarfism.


facts about Steve JobsInteresting 

1. Steve Jobs was the one who made the first public call through an iPhone. For the first call he ordered 4,000 coffees and then said ‘Just Kidding’ and hung up the call.

2. Knowing that thinking and walking at the same time sparks brain’s creativity, he did many of his important business meetings while walking.

3. Steve Jobs knew using gadgets for a long time is not safe for kids so he limited the use of technology to a minimum for his kids and even didn’t let them use an iPad.

4. To help relieve stress Steve Jobs would occasionally soak his feet in toilet water.

5. Steve Jobs’s grades were low in school, his high school GPA was just 2.65.

6. For development of any Apple product, he never wrote a single line of programming code.

7. Steve Jobs used to do drugs and said that taking LSD was “One of the two or more or more most important things i have done in my life.”

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