Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

  • Most of you are aware about Bermuda triangle. It’s been biggest mystery since past few centuries and you have heard lots of mythical stories and theories about it. Some of them is true while others are not; but this incident will reveal true mysteries.
  • December 4, 1970, A highly trained pilot; Bruce with his two-business partner decided to go on trip from Andros to Florida. When they were flying at appropriate height, Bruce saw a dark cloud which was getting larger.
  • Bruce had to pass through it as there was no other option. When the penetrated the cloud, it was getting denser and darker. Everything was dark and Bruce was not able to identify the direct of the plan as the cloud were revolving in very fast way.
  • The cloud was so dense that even sunlight could not penetrate though it.After flying for 20-30 mins, Bruce was shocked to see similar dark cloud. Suddenly it turned into cylindrical cyclone & the clouds became swirling around the plane.
  • After fighting the terrifying clouds, Bruce saw a light which gave him hope. When he started going towards it, the clouds around him were slowlytook shape of a tunnel.
  • Also, the system of the plane started to fail and the compass was unstable. After struggling, finally they passed through the cloud. Later, the plane was captured in the radar and radio station told Bruce that they are above Miami Islands.
  • Bruce was shocked because the route they had to travel was 400km which takes 90 minutes. But Bruce traveled it in just 47 mins.
  • The top speed of the plane was 290 Km/hr. So, for travelling 400km with top speed; it would take minimum 85 minutes but they took just 47 minutes.
  • After checking his fuel tank, he was shocked that only 50% of his fuel was used in whole trip.Bruce discussed this with many experts and professors but even they were not able to give proper explanation.
  • Finally, Bruce started his own research for 3-4 years and gained all knowledge and later he wrote a book on it. Many experts say Bruce time slipped in future while other says that he teleported but this remains mystery till now.


lKongka La Pass and its UFO activities

Most of you have wondered why there’s no Alien incidents in India or nearby regions. But now, tighten your seats and let’s explore India’s Alien Mystery.

Kongka La Pass is situated at the Indian and the Chinese borders. This place is basically called ‘no-man land’ as no one lives here.

This place is mostly famous for Alien & UFO sightings. Many believe that there’s secret Alien based hidden underground.

In 2004, a group of geologists were performing some experiments in Himachal Pradesh near Kongka region.

During their work, they saw a 4 feet tall humanoid creature. But when they tried to approach it, the creature disappeared.

In 2012, the Indian Army saw a ribbon-shaped object floating in the skies above the Pangong Lake. The radar failed to spot the object but almost hundreds of army men saw it with naked eyes.

A pattern of strange lights was spotted by Hindu pilgrims while they were travelling to Mount Kailash.

When, researchers asked villagers about the incident, they said that its common for people to see those strange objects usually.

The kognka is a depth region & many people believe that there’s underground base in those depth regions.

Indian & Chinese government are very well aware about all this region but no one knows the perfect answer to this Extraterrestrial activities.


The Philadelphia Experiment

·       In 1930, Al Bielek; a military contractor revealed a secret of Philadelphia Experiment. He said that US military was working on a technology to make Warships invisible for some time with the use of electromagnetism.

·       According to him, this experiment was directed by Albert Einstein. This experiment was only in thoughts until Nikola Tesla performed this experiment on small boat.

·       But when it came to big warships, Nikola Tesla left this experiment for unknown reasons and forwarded it toJohn Neumann with a warning that there could be dangerous effect of this experiment.

·       John neglected his warning and in 1943, they were able to build a large US warship docked at Philadelphia Navy Yard.


·       It was fitted with a number of powerful generators called a “time zero generator” which was invented by Nikola Tesla.

·       When they turned on all the generators, a huge green flash glittered and the US warship vanished in air. Only some parts like engine, debris were left behind.

·       The ship vanished for 20 mins. The crew on board claimed to have seen another port; Newport News in Virginia, 600 miles from Philadelphia. It seems that the US ship and its crew teleported there.

·       When the Ship returned, most of its crew were severely burned. Half of the crew’s organs were melted and others merged with the parts of ship.

·       One of the sailors vanished in air the other day.Al Bielek said that he and his brother was on the board and he was teleported in Long island. The further incident of AI Bielek is mentioned in our Story “Time Traveler”.

·       However, many claimed that US military officials kept this as a secret and informed media that the experiment failed at initial stage and nothing happened.

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