Know all about Xbox Project Scorpio

What is Xbox Project Scorpio?


To compete with its most hardworking competitor Play-station 4 Pro, Microsoft has already designed its new brainchild Xbox Project Scorpio which is more than a modification in its every essence.The new project is under testing procedure as of now and its name is yet to be finalized but even the first glimpse of its arrival has created a huge buzz in the market and the news is spreading like wildfire.With the name Scorpio itself, it has been a new attraction everywhere.


What does it do?


Project Scorpio is completely one step ahead of its ancestor Xbox One in terms of power.The main power lies in the GPU which has to feature 40 custom compute cores clocked at the frequency of 1172MHz.This newly proposed Project’s CPU will be 30% more powerful that thew previous Xbox One and also the GPU will be 4.6 times stronger in comparison.It is reported that Project Scorpio will be accessible with 12GB of RAM although 4GB will be saved separately for the console.According to Microsoft’s description in E3, the console will play games at a 4K resolution which is really jaw-dropping and this new project has still a probability of running the Xbox One games but there is apparently no assurance of the quality.


Advantages and Disadvantages:

1)Exclusive games:

Users did have a lot of expectations in this arena, but Microsoft has disappointed them with no exclusive games.This is done to leave no version apart.


2)Why Buy?

Even if someone does not possess a 4K TV, they can buy Xbox Scorpio.If limited to 1080p, the games will run faster which makes the frame rates stable across the board.Also, there is an increment subsequently in the image quality than the games at HD full resolution.



Microsoft leaves us with anticipation with the most critical part of this.The tech department hasn’t yet announced the price of Xbox Scorpio.But considering the fact that PS4 Pro had the cost of 400$ it’s not very hard to guess the price of this new venture.The minimum price of Xbox Scorpio can be around 500$ but this is just an approximation.The price is the tricky part always decides the tenure of any kind of product.


4)Xbox Scorpio doesn’t use AMD’s Ryzen CPU:

It was not exactly a secret that AMD is the manufacturer of the Xbox brand, and certain research has revealed the fact that maybe AMD’s Ryzen CPU will be used as the brains of the project.Although a shocking revelation has made its way with the declaration that a custom AMD SoC will be used by Scorpio which offers eight x86 cores clocked at 2.3GHz.

Certain inquiries have revealed that Xbox Scorpio will be a 2017 holiday release, with at least six months time required to finally approve it in every possible manner.With the performance of its previous version, a lot of expectations have encircled the way of Xbox Scorpio and its release is the most anticipating moment for many people around the globe.With amazing new properties, presenting a fresh vibe, this project is surely gonna make its way through all the obstacles and become the big-talk forever.


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What is Income Tax for a layman?

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What is a Tax refund?

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Tax Deducted at the Source (TDS), is a specific amount deducted by the employer, from the employee’s salary each month, based on the tax estimation made in the financial year. Most of the times, these tax estimations are not fulfilled by the end of the year, and thus a difference is detected in the TDS. This is when a refund case arises. With no particular form to be filled, an employee can simply demand TDS refund by filing his/her Income Tax return with complete details of the salary and the amounted taxed. However, a TDS refund can be claimed ONLY under 3 sections:

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