It’s the Freaking (First) Weekend!

It’s the Freaking (First) Weekend!

It’s the Freaking (First) Weekend!

Hello beautiful people,

As I concluded my first week of college, my first college weekend quickly rolled in. Allow me to recap:



I went to classes (of course) until 3:20. Afterwards, I biked to the TRIO house, the headquarters for the TRIO program, a federally funded program that provides academic, personal and financial support to low-income students, first-generation college students, and those with a documented disability.

At 5 p.m., I headed over to the Student Activities Fair, where I ingested questionable amounts of candy. Luckily, I was able to exercise some semblance of self-control and not sign up for every club there. I did sign up for The Salt, a student-run satirical magazine, the Afro-Caribbean Association, and the Black Student Alliance. I also perused other tables such as the Firebellies, an organization dedicated to one of my favorite pastimes – eating GOOD food. Likewise, I almost put my name down for one of the many acapella singing groups here at Carleton, but promptly put the pen down once I remembered I sound like a robot.

For the rest of the evening, I ate corn on the cob from the picnic erected on the Bald Spot, played table soccer in Sayles with a friend, and finished a paper for my Argument and Inquiry seminar and mapped out my weekend.



I submitted an assignment, and headed to the Rec to workout. After a nice lunch, I trekked over to the Libe to meet my study buddy from Calculus until 3 p.m.

Soon thereafter, my floormate and I headed over to the first Black Student Alliance ice cream social and meeting (But more importantly ice cream social) of the year. To top that off, we attended the first Afro-Caribbean Association meeting of the year at Freedom House (Also known as Black House), a shared interest house for students of the African Diaspora and their allies.

In the evening, I had dinner with some friends at Burton, and made a necessary detour at Dacie Moses (or Cookie House), another shared interest house open to all with cookies for all, especially those pursuing a cookie-based diet.

And of course, there was no better way to prep for evening fun than finishing some calculus homework and doing some reading for my A&I.




I headed to brunch at Tandem, a staple bagel shop in Northfield, with my roommate. Later, I studied for my Arabic class in the Language and Dining Center until 5 p.m. Being that balance is important, my floormates and I then enjoyed a Sunday evening playing card games and eating ice cream at Hogan Brothers, a Northfield-renowned hoagie place. I then spent the remainder of my evening resting and getting my life together for the upcoming week here at Carleton.


Be kind and stay critical,


As a selectively-proud Houstonian, Jelilat is undecided in her major, and could be more concerned about her life after college. Meh. She’ll get there. She enjoys thriller novels, compulsive online shopping, and skipping the “It” movie advertisements when they come on. Jelilat also enjoys taking #OutfitofTheDay pics, spending time with people with very loud laughs, and learning more about her fellow peers’ experiences, interests, and perspectives.