Interesting facts about Bill Gates

1. William Henry Gates II, Bill Gates’s father aged 94 years old is still alive, and is 6’7 tall.

2. Bill gates initially invested $150 million in Apple in 1997 so the company wouldn’t go bankrupt.

3. The default profile image on Microsoft outlook from 2010 was actually Bill Gates’s mugshot from years ago.

4. When Bill Gates was in Harvard at the age of 30 his dream was to become a millionaire, the next year at the age of 31 he became a billionaire.

5. In 1989, just to know about the customer service he answered a Microsoft tech support call. He solved the issue and the customer was so satisfied the same customer asked for him the next time for support.

6. In 1994, Bill Gates bought a book for 30.8 million dollars (53 million now adjusted to inflation) it was Leonardo Da Vinci’s Codex. He then released it as wallpaper for Microsoft Windows for everyone to enjoy.

7. Melinda Gates actually met Bill through work. They met for a dinner when she worked as a product marketing manager at Microsoft. They made their relationship public in 1993 when they engaged after keeping the secret for years.

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Interesting facts about DARK WEB you don’t know

1. You can hire a hitmen on dark web, that’s true. A hit man can be hired by keeping your identity full anonymous and conveniently. Be it a murder, a fraud, robbery or any crime you can find someone who can do this for you on Dark Web.

2. It’s full of people who are sex offenders or interested in child pornography. And one can find pretty much any kind of porn they like on Dark Web. It contains most brutal, and the worst kind of porn you can think of. People usually go these to feed their abusive tendencies and it’s not difficult to find.

3. You can buy lots of illegal weapon on dark web. It’s really easy to buy illegal weapons online on Dark Web compared to buying it in person.

4. Identity theft is common in Dark Web. In 2014 alone 17.4 million people were victims of this crime. Someone can easily buy ones identity, credit cards or banking information once stolen. The people responsible for this are never found, it’s one of the most disturbing facts about dark web. If you lose your ID, it’s likely to be sold on the Dark Web.

5. Fake documents and counterfeit currency available for purchase. Terrorist are the most common buyers of fake documents, that’s how they get their way through. It’s a very useful tool for those kind of people. Any kind of document be it a passport, birth certificate, licence can be bought on the Dark Web.

6. How do criminals get through? Can’t police just trace the payment? The answer is no police can’t trace them because of the use of Bitcoin. That’s the main reason of anonymity for purchases on Dark Web. Bitcoin is on a boom right now giving more access to criminal activities and making it more common on Dark Web.

7. How can someone access Dark Web? The backbone of it all is Tor Browser. You might be asking why doesn’t the government just shut it down? The reason is the onion router is sponsored by the US Department of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor.

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Bitcoin mining might not be as eco-friendly as we think.

With crypto currencies ruling the digital world nowadays and investors continue to adapt to Bitcoin. The mining of Bitcoin has problems with energy and environment. It is said to take lot of energy and effect the environment. But how does it really happen?

  • The ESG has reported that mining of Bitcoin take a lot of energy. To mine a single Bitcoin a huge amount of energy is wasted and it effect the ecosystem.
  • Crypto currency is said to be energy sensitive as miners of Bitcoin uses special hardware to mine crypto currencies.The processing of large volumes of transactions and grouping blocks is what takes up huge loads of energy.But how much energy?
  • Today Bitcoin uses 0.58% of the global energy consumption. If Bitcoin was a country it would be ranked 29th for such consumption.
  • With countries like china are on the top list for mining Bitcoin as they use coal to generate power that helps in mining crypto currencies. It is said 65% of mining power is consumed by China!
  • Bitcoin can be mined from anywhereso there is no fixed power to mine a single Bitcoin and it doesn’t depends on renewable sources of energy too.
  • Recent ideas of mining Bitcoin and other crypto currencies will use renewable sources of energy and it can be also used as battery to store energy !

Will there be a crypto currency that doesn’t use any energy.? Which one would that be?


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