Half Robot, Half Plant !.

  • You all might have heard of the first robot citizen in Dubai or the Terminator movie,even that brave girl Alita is truly remarkable!. But ,’Robo-Plants!’ what are they exactly? Let’s find out!
  • This technology, which is being called a fusion  of ‘nature and technology’iscreated in Singapore. By using a ‘thermogel’.Thermogelis a liquid at low temperatures but turns into a gel at room temperature.But, how the plant survives?
  • They attached a thin layer of soft electrodes on the surface of Venus flytrap (an insectivorous plant).These electrodes are capable of sensing weak electrical signals naturally emitted by plants!.
  • In 2016, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology team turned spinach leaves into sensors sothey can send analert signal if they detect explosive materials in underground.
  • With this upcoming technology they will be able to detect diseases in crops at early stage and their health in future.They can also use the signals to communicate between two plants and help in better growth.
  • This technique can be useful in combating climate change effects on crops. The farmers can even check the crop growth during a certain season using this information.A smarter life forfarmers!
  • We can even control the communication of plants ,using our smartphone as well. With advanced Communication technology built into the plants.But will that be threatening to humans!
  • This technology’ can also make the plant intelligent and might develop smarter ways of doing things on their own.
  • Do you want to see your plant sending youtexts and emails.?


The Man From Another World

  • In July 1954, a man arrived at Tokyo International Airport. This man has been described as White skin looking with a beard and he spoke French, Japanese and 5 other languages.
  • He was weirdly dressed with sunglasses, hat and fully covered coat even at such hot temperature. Then he gets into the immigration queue and was holding a pink coloredpassport.
  • When the lady checked his passport, she was shocked. The passport mentioned “Republic of Taured”. The lady was confused as there’s no such country.His passport was legit and said Taured. His driver’s license was issued by the country of Taured. The problem is, the country did not exist.
    • The guy was scared. He told that he is innocent and hadn’t done any crimes. He just came here for business purpose. Later the authority showed him a map to point out his country. The man was little confused but later marked spot on Spain and told them that maps is incorrect.
    • The lady called the Airport authorities, and later on he was interrogated in a room. He claimed Taured had been around for more than 1,000 years. It was a large, productive, world power of a country.Also his Passport mentioned that he had travelled to Tokyo for many times.
    • The security then checked his documents and they were all legal and mentioned “United Kingdom OfTaured” also his clothes were made in Taured.

    The authority arranged a hotel room for him and requesting him to stay there for one night. They placed 3 guards at the door of hotel and there was no source for escape like windows.

  • When next morning, the high authorities open the door, there is no one in the room, it’s empty. The women rush to the get his documents but was shocked to see it was missing from there. There was no sign of escape and also no sign in hotel’s CCTV cameras.
  • Many believe its fake but he was captured in Airport CCTV camera and his passport was stored in Computer’s hard drive. In 19s, Einstein introduced a theory of mirror Universe while Stephan Hawking introduced theory of Parallel Universe. Researchers believe he somehow travelled into another Universe.
  • Also famous movie director Nick Christensen inspired from this incident and produced a film named “The man from Taured” in 2015 and a great author Nick Christensen wrote a book on this incident.


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