Best Paid Focus Groups Online

Giving your opinion is one of the simplest gigs we’ve heard of out of all the ones available.

Everyone has a viewpoint. You might really adore some products while utterly detesting some of their features. Given your position, why not be compensated for expressing it?

Focus groups give side hustlers like you the opportunity to get paid in exchange for contributing your ideas and opinions on various goods, services, advertisements, and other topics.

How Do Focus Groups Work?

In a focus group, a small group of participants responds to questions in a controlled setting. Focus groups take into account the demographics of the participants so that questions may be created to clarify a specific subject.

Group dynamics can have an impact on customer choices, goods and services, contentious issues, focus group responses, and body language. Focus groups are often used in user research, marketing, and social science.

Large-scale surveys are more difficult to arrange, but individual interviews are a more reliable source of data. There is a lot of focus on a particular issue, person, or political group. Focus groups differ from polls in that they resemble unstructured conversations more.

In this article, we’ll define focus groups and discuss how taking part in them can pay off financially. We’ll also give you the 13 best focus group companies you can look into in order to start making money.

1. User interviews

User interviews were previously only available in the US or Canada. They do, however, now offer foreign studies and are constantly introducing new research areas.

Making an account is the initial step in registering, which is done by Basic details like your name, city, state, and demographic data required. This information will be used in user interviews to link you with pertinent research. In approximately two minutes, a new account may be created!

Since they can see specifics about your profiles if you link on Linkedin and Facebook, you will have more chances to participate in focus groups.

2. Respondent

Respondent is a wonderful website that makes it easy to do online customer research surveys. It frequently pays $100 or more per hour! You will be able to view all the available studies you could be eligible for after you establish your account. The study brief outlines the kind of candidate the organization is seeking, as well as the time commitment and compensation rate.

Answer the short screener questionnaire to put your name in the running if it seems like a fit. Don’t give up if you aren’t chosen straight away; thus far, I have been chosen for 5 studies out of 50 screeners. Although there are some “general population” studies, industry professionals have the highest job prospects and may earn up to $750 per hour!

3. Mindswarms

A trustworthy survey website that rewards you for creating video replies is Mindswarms. PayPal payments are good, however, the lack of tasks is the primary issue, thus patience is required. A survey company called Mindswarms claims to pay you for providing your comments.

In contrast to many other survey websites, Mindswarms offers something special. In addition to providing your answers on a questionnaire, Mindswarms also requests that you respond to surveys via video. To create an account on a desktop or laptop, a webcam is required.

4. Ipsos-Isay

Ipsos-Isay, the third-largest survey-based research organization in the world, invites individuals from all around the world to take part in their platform for consumer surveys. The focus groups and high-end polls they occasionally offer, nevertheless, pay $50 to $100 for an hour of your time.

The majority of the offerings accessible here are for short surveys where you may only make $0.40 to $1.50 for each survey. You can complete surveys while on the go thanks to their smartphone app.

When you finish a survey or participate in a focus group, points are awarded instead of money. The length of the survey affects how many points are awarded. You can redeem your points after you have 500 or more in your account. We’ll pay you with gift cards, like those from Amazon and iTunes.

5. Survey Junkie

Even while the majority of Survey Junkie’s earning opportunities don’t pay much, you may occasionally receive emails about focus groups and product testing projects that pay more.

These, although obviously somewhat uncommon, can pay up to $75. Nevertheless, power users of the standard Survey Junkie website and app claim to make up to $40 per month. With over 20 million users, the website pays out more than $1 million each month.

6. Recruit and Field

A website called Recruit and Field specializes in doing internet polls and focus groups all around the US. Participants who are professionals or medical specialists are particularly needed. They make payments through digital gift cards, Amazon, and PayPal. Participants may get between $100 and $275 for each study.

Knowing a company’s brand affiliations before participating in a focus group helps you put your trust in their reputation and gives you a good idea of the research you can anticipate. The business has earned the trust of the focus group community with over 300,000 replies, 12,000 Facebook likes, and five stars on Google.

7. Experience Dynamics

Experience Dynamics specializes in testing user interfaces and experiences (UX and UI). Corporate customers pay Experience Dynamics to “make their users happy,” and then they pay individuals like you for frank feedback on website designs and software programs.

The website claims that they seek testers with various degrees of technological expertise from throughout the world. The majority of studies pay between $50 and $150.

Additionally, Experience Dynamics facilitates:

  • 1-2 hour interviews at your home or place of employment for field studies.
  • Diary studies need you to keep a mental journal for one to two weeks.
  • Call-Based Interviews
  • Focus groups online
  • Online polls

8. Google Usability

A platform for focus groups and surveys is Google Usability. With Google Usability, you can take part in market research right away. These questionnaires, which often ask you for comments on Google goods online, occasionally also invite you to visit a physical location.

While not the highest-paid focus group on our list, you will still personally influence the products of one of the biggest businesses while making $75 per hour. Google Usability includes a lot of possibilities, despite not being the ideal site for product focus groups.

9. Inspired Opinions

All participants in research projects must be at least 18 years old. You are able to signup from anywhere in the world.

After giving some basic information, you will be able to establish your own exclusive username and password. Once it is finished, they will match your profile with their research initiatives. When they locate a study that matches your profile, they will contact you by phone or email to ascertain your eligibility.

The following are some ways you can participate in research studies:

  • Personally at one of their 16 locations around the US
  • I’m on the phone.
  • From any computer in the world, online
  • They received an outstanding 4.4 out of 5. In exchange for taking part in one of their focus groups

10. American Consumer Opinion

Another market research firm where you may be eligible for numerous surveys year is American Consumer Opinion.

They insist on utilizing their own point system for “virtual currency,” which is annoying. Still, longer market research surveys can earn you up to $50 worth of points.
You may instantly deposit your winnings into PayPal and there is a $10 minimum cash-out requirement. Your name will be entered into a monthly $50 raffle by American Consumer Opinion as a reward for completing the low-paying screener surveys.

11. Alder Weiner Research

You should choose Alder Weiner Research if you’re searching for another paid focus group. Focus groups, automobile clinics, driving tests, and other high-quality marketing research field services are all provided by Adler Weiner for a variety of customers. They have locations in Chicago, Orange County, Los Angeles, and Lincolnwood.

Anyone who is at least 13 years old can make a profile, but in order to link their accounts, individuals under 18 must have a parent or guardian who is already listed in the website’s database. You must reside close enough to one of their locations to take part in in-person market research.


A nationwide directory of focus groups and paid research opportunities are available at

They had the most attractive user interface of the majority of these websites at the time of the press. Although the banner advertisements are annoying, you can quickly go to see a list of studies online or nearby. The pay for them, according to my research, varied from $50 to $200.

13. Probe Market Research

The website has a 4.7-star rating on Facebook. Focus groups are often held by the American market research company Probe Research to get feedback on new products, services, or advertising campaigns for clients. Consider joining this paid focus group.

Focus groups may be conducted in the comfort of your own home and typically pay between $50 and $400. Group interviews can be held over the phone, online, or in person. Everything is based on the time allotted for a task.

For major companies and producers, Probe Market Research conducts mock juries, product trials, mystery shopping assignments, online surveys, and more. Business leaders, healthcare providers, and regular customers must participate in their study.

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