Bernard Hutton and Joachim Brandt Incident

  • Journalist J. Bernard Hutton and photographer Joachim Brandt were sent by a German newspaper to do a story on the Hamburg shipyard in 1932.
  • When they reached there, they realized that they were caught in the middle of air raid. They saw that there was bombing, chaos, gunfire, burning smoke everywhere.
  • They also snapped some photographs of there. It was very terrifying, they mentioned.
    • They were very scared and ran off the place in their vehicle. When they arrived at their city, the newspaper editor asked them about their work.


    • They told this incident to everyone, but no one believed because nothing that sort of thing happened there. There was no bombing, no planes nothing.


    • The story was dismissed by the editor of the paper and the incident was forgotten.
    • But 11 years later, in 1943, Bernard Hutton opened a newspaper and he was shocked. The news mentioned that a successful air raid had been carried out by the Royal Air Force squadron on the shipyard.

    The scene of the destruction, he claimed, was exactly as he’d described it to be in 1932. Even the photograph he captured was exactly similar to the incident.

  • Researchers believe that somehow, both of them time slipped in future and saw the incident. This is one of the biggest unsolved mystery with an evidence (Photograph).


05 Strange Places That Even Science Can’t Explain


  1. The Hessdalen Lights

People of Hessdalen Valleyhaving been seeing strange lightning in the sky. It dances from one place to another in a beautiful manner. But still, Scientists are trying to find reason behind it.


2. The Sleep Pandemic

People living in Kalachi falls asleep at any time & everywhere. There have been reports of people dropping unconscious without any real reason.No one knows why?


3. Rings of Namibia

There are strange rings in Namibia spread over thousands of kilometers. The rings have diameter of 10-65 feet. They never overlap each other. Scientists are still trying to figure it out.


4. The Taos Hum

Here, People have reported hearing strange humming sound continuously since 1990s. Some of them have gone mad but no one knows the reason behind it.


5. The Devils Kettle In Minnesota

Here, the one half of water falls into savior and connects to ocean but the other half falls in rock hole and directly vanishes. No one knows where the water goes.


Cicada 3301: Internet’s Biggest Mystery

  • Cicada 3301 first appeared in Jan 2012, with a post on 4Chan (a message platform). The post said: “Hello. We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. To find them, we have devised a test.
  • “There is a message hidden in this image. “Find it, and it will lead you on the road to finding us. We look forward to meeting the few that will make it all the way through. “Good luck. “It was signed “3301”. Everyone including hackers & coders tried to decode it.
  • Joel Eriksson is one of the very few known people to have actually solved it. Eriksson used steganography software to extract a message, where each letter of the text is connected with other.
    • Once he decoded the code, it revealed a URL where another image of a duck was posted. Here, he used steganography tools to reveal a hidden book code. The book code led to a Reddit URL with Mayan numerals on the top of the page.


    • After decoding the duck post, he again found a hidden message with riddles inside them. After solving those riddles, Eriksson found a phone number. When he called, the responder said, “Very good.


    • You have done well. There are three prime numbers associated with the original final.jpg image. 3301 is one of them. You will have to find the other two. Multiply all three of these numbers together and add a .com to find the next step. Good luck.”
      • Eriksson thought its height and width of image could be the other two numbers. He did the math and landed at a URL which had another image of a cicada & a countdown that told him when to return to the site.


      • When the countdown was over, the cicada image was replaced with digits that looked like GPS coordinates in different countries like South Korea, USA, etc. and at each location there was a QR code.


      • Eriksson scanned the QR code, which lead to another two images, inside of which were more hidden text and after cracking it, it redirected to Dark Web. But it was too late to solve that puzzle.


      • Those who cracked the final code, were never seen again. They suddenly vanished, no record in digital and public world. After that there was no response from Cicada. It seemed that they got what they wanted. But many believed that Cicada will return back for new hiring and this time, the test will be much harder and complex.


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