Are Women Better Entrepreneurs?

The generation of entrepreneurs:

In this era, a large of number of people are interested to formulate their own organization in which they will infuse their creative ideas to make it flourish from every aspect. Every day women are responsible for making changes in the society and undoubtedly, they possess a large number of path-breaking ideas. So, when the question arises whether women are better entrepreneurs or not, it is rather a debate than a simple question as there has been multiple examples where women has been successfully leading a start-up resulting into its expansion.


Are women better entrepreneurs?

Before analyzing this topic, one should consider the basic qualities which lead to the success of a start-up. Women are indeed one of the best examples of creating better examples in terms of business and this is possible due to the following reasons:


  • Women have a creative mind:

Most of the women turn out to be extremely creative with respect to their ideas. What can be better than implementing such ideas on a business platform? In every aspect, the creative minds of women will be able to create some path-breaking ideas which can prove to be extremely helpful in terms of creating a brand, business expansion and much more.


  • Women emphasize maintaining warm relations:

Women are always known to maintain better relations. Apart from maintaining warm household relations, they will be able to showcase this particular talent of theirs in terms of business relations. If we consider a start-up point of view, it is extremely important to maintain CRM with the clients and stakeholders and indeed a woman will not disappoint in this case.


  • Fair negotiations:

Who can perform better negotiations than a woman? In case of a start-up, negotiations are very important as during the initial stages, there is not enough capital for every owner. To crack a deal, sometimes, negotiations are needed and women justify in such scenario showcasing their incredible talents.


  • Brevity:

The method of coaxing does not always work well with the start-ups as most of the clients want a to-the-point conversation and women are the best at creating such discussions. Time is precious for every client and keeping this in mind, women entrepreneurs always prepare their work beforehand to save the time which is a matter of appreciation.

Women are no longer only meant to manage the household, they can step outside of to handle a successful company. This is a fact that the women entrepreneurs are actually responsible to expand the organization from every standard, thus it can be concluded that women entrepreneurs can perform extremely well.


Changes to Skilled Occupations Lists Flagged for Mid 2018

This is a well-known fact that there exists a certain Skilled Occupations List(SOL) which defines which particular professions or occupations are considered to be skilled officially and depending on that several important decisions are being taken, for example, visa renewal or other related procedures. According to resources, there have been proposals to inculcate certain changes in the Skilled Occupations Lists which was supposed to become official from mid-2018, and the renowned department of Jobs and Small Business has already expressed their views through the publication of a draft bulletin for the public comments on this matter.

The changes are made in such a way that proper segmentation is being done, the categories are divided into the Short Term Skilled Occupations List, Medium to Long Term Strategic Skilled List as well as the Regional Occupations List. The various occupations are categorized under the above-mentioned categories and due to this change, certain occupations are either removed, or they experience a transition from one category to another. According to reports, the traffic light system is still considered to be a part of those occupations which are proposed to be removed from the list.

Now the question arises which are the occupations which are removed from the major list, the resources have revealed that the following occupations which have already been made a part of the Short Term Skilled Occupations List, have high chances of actually getting removed:

  • 133411 Manufacturer
  • 211499 Visual Arts and Crafts Professionals nec
  • 212312 Director( Film, Television, Radio or Stage)
  • 212314 Film and Video Editor
  • 212315 Program Editor(Television or Radio)
  • 212316 Stage Manager
  • 212317 Technical Director
  • 212318 Video Producer
  • 241311 Middle School Teacher
  • 323215 Textile, Clothing and Footwear Mechanic
  • 323316 Watch and Clock Maker and Repairer
  • 342411 Cabler(Data and Telecommunications)
  • 342413 Telecommunications Linesworker
  • 399211 Chemical Plant Operator
  • 399312 Library Technician
  • 411715 Residential Care Officer
  • 599612 Insurance Loss Adjuster

Apart from this, there are certain occupations which may be moved from one category to other. For example, 221112 Management Accountant, 234111 Agricultural Consultant, as well as 312212 Civil Engineering Technician are such occupations which may be moved to the Short term Skilled Occupations List from the Medium to Long Term Strategic Skilled List. Similarly, 452411 Footballer is an occupation which may be moved to the Medium to Long Term Strategic Skilled List from their current position which is the Short Term Skilled Occupations List. Apart from this, there are high possibilities that 252312 Dentist, as well as 253211 Anaesthetist, may suffer transitions from the Short Term Skilled Occupations List to the Regional Occupations List which means that their work will be centred around a particular region in Australia.

If the aspect of impact is to be considered, then it can be deduced that the impact is huge, widely being distributed into the impact which is experienced by the Temporary Skills Shortage(TSS) applicants, as well as the impact which is faced by the General Skilled Migration applicants. In this context, it needs to be mentioned that the Temporary Skills Shortage(TSS) is a type of visa for which there are a lot of applicants, and there may be three typical cases with the TSS applicants:

If an individual is yet to be granted for his or her TSS application and in the meantime, his or her occupation is being removed from the list, the person may face issues. Even after the changes have been introduced, if someone’s TSS application is yet to get official then also he or she may not get the acceptance. On the other hand, if an applicant is yet to be granted, and his or her occupation is transitioned to the Regional Occupations List, he or she may face a problem if their job is not based in a regional area in Australia. Lastly, if the occupation experiences a transition from the Medium to Long Term Strategic Skilled List to Regional Occupations List, the period of the granting of the TSS application may vary, and the individual may face variations in the allowance of the permanent residence which is usually being sponsored by the employer.

Apart from this, a person will not be allowed to lodge an application if his or her occupation in totally being removed from the list before they get an invitation to apply for 489, 189 or even 190. however, if he or she has received the invitation to apply for the same categories of visas before there has been the entire round of changes, in that case only he or she will be held eligible. There are certain individuals who had their occupations shifted from Medium to Long Term Strategic Skilled List to Short Term Skilled Occupations List, they can also expect changes in the regular procedures about which they will be intimidated as soon as possible.

It is quite self-explanatory that one needs to keep a track of the notifications which are released. If there are possibilities of non-eligibility, then the individual must contact the Department of Jobs and Small Businesses as soon as possible. It is better to perform the work or possible changes before the deadline which in this case is 20th June 2018. Thus one should take appropriate actions which are applicable in their case.


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