Are online classes effective in India?

Online classes in India is on Trend there is a mixed review you from all the parents about the online classes for students the online classes in India has come a long way with the development of Technology thanks to the covid who has given a really good boost to the online education in India India is one of the Nations that is developing at an exponential rate in terms of Technology with the high number of population in the availability of high-speed internet and smartphone India has the most number of technological dragon persons and in this time India has initiated the digital India which creates an opportunity for all citizens by digital technologies.

Then if you ask me that online classes are effective or not then I can say that there are lots of online classes platforms but if you choose the right one with all the facilities and if you have a good internet connection and the dedication towards learning then you can definitely learn from any digital platform and you can have a great knowledge the main thing is that you have to be passionate about your learning and in this digital age you can improve yourself career wise there are many colleges and universities offering the best online classes in India offering you the best facilities you can have with industry-related features and many more things.

One thing is that the online education market in India has increased a lot within 5 years the number of users for various online learning courses is estimated to be 1.6 million in 2016 and 9.6 million at end of 2021the advantages of online education is that you can learn from anywhere anytime you have a laptop or a smartphone with the internet connection you can learn from anywhere anytime this gives you a flexible schedule for working professional to pursue new courses without giving up their jobs online courses are much more cost-effective and saves you lots of time you don’t need to you go to college, fortunately, you can learn everything at your home the best thing is that you can learn at your own pace and you can get recognition online degrees from the best colleges and universities all across India and abroad which you can’t it take admission if you are doing it offline.

There are some disadvantages but it is not that much effective if you have a great passion and a great mindset the disadvantages can be e chances of distraction are very high student can easily lose their track because they are are using their phones and if you get any kind of notifications you can easily get distracted and you can easily get distracted at home there are many websites that offers online courses without the accreditation of any educational authorities which is fake and such courses will not help you in jobs and they can be very big loss for that you cannot do courses that requires labs and workshops because do you know you cannot do engineering course or or any other courses that requires labs or hand on workshop experience because you can’t experience all the things online but you can easily use this platform for lots of other uses like PG diplomas and MBA and much more things getting better and we can’t say what’s coming tomorrow but the answer is that online education is very effective in India I think ok it can be a very good option as education for everyone.



Benefits of moral stories for kids.

There are lots of moral stories out there which I very well known and I think you all might read in your school time and you know no how they are they are interesting descriptive and in that story The have a moral which is really important moral stories for kids are really important because it gives a good impact and makes sure that your children are gaining something from storytelling. I strongly believe in the transformation power of stories because they can transform a simple child into an inspiring and curated creator who can create lots of things in their mind and they can create the magic of storytelling

There are lots of amazing benefits of moral stories for kids like it boost speaking and listening skills children always looks up and pick up the behavior and habits of the adults around them and they always try to copy all of their behavior and habit very cute manner they always try to you be the same as you are as a parent you have lots of things to consider while doing anything in front of your child reading stories aloud help children to familiarise themselves with the spoken language and they can catch of lots of word phrases and their kin use that sentences and pronunciations the meaning is that reading helps them to create brain function and they can relate all the words and make sure that they are understanding the language so that after some time they get older they can use these words and I can talk to you. Storytelling is really a great way to improve a child’s overall progress in terms of mental physical health because it gives them confidence and makes sure that they are having no problem in reading and their speaking is absolutely clear you should always promote your child to think beyond story by posing to them amazing questions such as what do you think will happen next for what do you think that? will do this or that etc. Every child is different and their interests would be changed. Reading to your child opens the opportunity to discuss the reading materials content which will make a bond and it makes sure that they are enjoyable and it provides some ideas in their mind and it helps them to get the improved reading ability. storytelling creates pottery for your child to share the experience with that could be similar to the plot they may even reveal the book’s characters bear resemblance to friends or teachers.

Moral stories are really important to your kids and it creates a bond and it helps them to create lots of skills like storytelling reading resemblance and it makes a habit to read every day and it always helps them to find the year interest and personality it always changes with the child behavior as the child see lots of things around them they always fluctuate there interest and they always switch their interest as they group but one thing that will be always remembered that is storytelling it will always be a skill set which helps them in the long journey of their lives make sure that your children are learning from their stories and they can also be a good storyteller so that will curate and create lots of amazing bond with your kids they will happen while learning. Your kids will have a good development through the magic of storytelling and baking improve a lot.




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