A Headphone That Can Allow Immersive Listening!

  • Ever thought of water-filled headphones that can create “immersive omnidirectional” sounds? The headphone which are perfect for deaf community. Yeah, you heard it right!
  • Inmergo Headphones- a soft silicone headphone created by MA in Design Products student Rocco Giovannoni that offers a high-fidelity audio experience that’s all of its own.
  • This headphone is different from other headphones because it can bypasses the eardrum and conveys sound as vibrations through the bones of the skull, directly to the cochlea — the “hearing” part of the inner ear.
  • The main aim of this headphone is to unravel the undiscovered potential of bone conduction by delivering innovative and inclusive sound experiences that can improve the quality of our life.
  • Imagine a deaf person with a unilateral cochlear implant who is suffering from the problem of hearing. How can we help them?
  • This two functioning prototype models — a two-unit set of headphones and five-unit helmet that wraps more comprehensively around the head which is much easier to provide a better sound quality.
  • It delivers bass frequencies more efficiently than any air-based design, using just £5 worth of equipment.
  • This headphone will sooner reach to the large number of audiences and provide help to all those who are having hearing problems.
  • Do you think that the technology could one day be used in hi-fi headphones for hearing loss?


Mystery of the Antikythera Mechanism

  • The Antikythera mechanism is an incredibly complex device found in a shipwreck near Greece in the year 1900.
  • It tends to be created 1st Century BCE. The device also came long before our modern understanding of astronomy and physics.
      • The device was used to determine the positions of celestial bodies (Moon, Sun, etc.) using a complex series of bronze gears.It was created 100 years before the birth of Christ, 1,600 years before Galileo was born, and over 1,700 years before Isaac Newton was born.
    • About the size of a shoebox, it acts as an astronomical calendar, predicting the cycles of the solar system in the upcoming decades. Lunar month, Solar eclipses was also predicted using this device.
        • It’s also possible the Antikythera mechanism was used to tell fortunes, as it provided information about eclipses that were associated with good and bad omens.At that time, people even don’t know about gravitation, Earth, Moon & Space but how’d they created such device? The device is so complex that it took 1-2 years for Scientists just to decode 30% of its part.
      • Rest parts of the device is mystery. The biggest mystery is that, how, why & who created this device.


Andrew Carlssin’s Time Travelling Incident

  • In the year 2003, a 44-year-old-man, Andrew Carlssin, shocked everyone, by making investments in 126 high-risk trades and not losing even a single Dollar on those investments.
  • As reported by the Security Exchange Commission (then), Carlssin had started with an investment of only $800, and in merely two weeks, he ended with over $350,000,000(around 2,553 crores rupees).
  • Such inexplicable increase in his assets in cash drew the attention of FBI. He was put under the suspicion of insider trading.Of course, how could a person invest in high-risk stock market transactions, in 126 commercial operations, even without making a single mistake?
  • The FBI booked him for interrogation, and after four hours of cross-examination, the information that was leaked about the man appeared to be even more shocking.
  • While he talked about so many things, he did not reveal any information about his time machine. He didn’t talk about the location of the machine or the working of it. He feared that the technology would fall into the wrong hands.Hence, the FBI did not believe his story. They thought of him as a lunatic or a pathological liar.Interestingly, shortly after being arrested, he was released on a bail because of $1 Million posted by a mysterious man for it.
        • Andrew Carlssin claimed to be a time traveler from the year 2256. Obviously, in the future, people would have known about the volatility of the stock market of that era, and people already knowing of it, could easily take its advantage.


        • He offered the FBI investigators to reveal the information about the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden, and a cure for AIDS, in exchange for being released and allowed to return to his time-craft.


    • While he was due on 3rd April, for hearing in court, he disappeared never to be found again. The FBI set up an inquiry but could not trace the origin of Carlssin before December 2002, as if he never existed before that date.
    • He even offered a picture of his proof. To top it all, he made predictions about the exact date of the invasion of Iraq, which actually came to be exact. But still, it’s a mystery where he’d gone out of records.


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