06Interesting Facts About Working At Google

  1. Google provides offers like parties, overnight ski trips to Vermont, nature trips and Summer picnics to its employees.
  2. Employees have access to gyms, volleyball courts, a bowling alley and much more.
  3. Google serves employees three meals a day, all of which are free. Employees have unlimited access to Google’s restaurant, café and much more.
  4. There are all kinds of perks like massages, music lessons, and the option to bring their dogs to the office.
  5. If employees die, their husband or wife will get half of the employee’s salary for 10 years plus $1,000 per month for any of their children.
  6. Google facility have indoor rock-climbing walls, indoor games and breathtaking views.


Gary McKinnon Exposed NASA and UFOs

  • Gary McKinnon was a professional security Hacker and system administrator. His was also called ‘Solo’ as a pet name.
  • After completing a course, he started doing contract work in the computing field. By the late 1990s Mr. McKinnon decided to use his hacking skills to “research” his belief the US government was withholding critical information about UFOs.
  • At that time, UFOs and Aliens were in huge talks which made him curious about NASA and US military hiding something beneath the ground.
  • Gary McKinnon has claimed in an interview with RichPlanet TV that he came across information relating to UFOs and extraterrestrial life during his infamous hacking into NASA’s computer system and US military computers.
  • McKinnon, said that he found a document in NASA’s database entitled “non-terrestrial officers”. This excel sheet, he explained, had the ranks and names of unknown individuals. Furthermore, Mr. McKinnon went on to say, another sheet had tabs for “material transfers between ships”.
  • When he dig through the ship details, he found out that about 8-10 ship in total were shipping Extraterrestrial objects and unknown technology. He also uncovered many hidden secrets.
  • He also mentioned that there are lots of inhuman experiments undergoing beneath the ground by Military.
  • He said in BBC interview that: “”I was convinced, and there was good evidence to show, that certain secretive parts of the American government intelligence agencies did have access to crashed extra-terrestrial technology which could, in these days, save us in the form of a free, clean, pollution-free energy and much more.”
  • He was able to access these top-secret documents through a program called Landsearch, which, after having gained control over the domain, had the ability to search all the files and folders “on almost 16 NASAComputers”.
  • The Government sentenced him for life imprisonment but, Theresa May, the UK’s home secretary said that he won’t be send to US. He had done serious crime but at the same time he was mentally ill. She dismissed the life imprisonment and sentenced Gary for just 10 years in jail.


Sid Hurwich’s Time Machine

  • Born in 1918, Sid Hurwich used to live in Toronto, Canada. Hurwich used to make new inventions and machines with old junks. People thought that he could repair any machine.
  • Owing to his talent, he established his own company; he, then started working on a secret project he dreamed of.In the year 1969, the city of Toronto reported lots of robberies on daily basis.
  • Local authorities were facing difficulties to catch the thieves. This was the time when Hurwich spoke in public about his unusual invention.He called up the police saying that there is a device which could help them to catch the robbers.
  • He invited the cops to his home.Officer Bolton went to Hurwich’s home along with his team. Hurwich told him that he had made a machine which could freeze or change the flow of time.
  • Thus, with the help of the machines, the thieves could be caught within 30 minutes.After this, Officer Bolton and his colleagues noticed a machine kept under a dining table. In order to prove his invention, Hurwich asked Bolton to keep his gun on that table.
  • With the help of the device, Hurwichfroze that service revolver. Now, Bolton could neither lift the gun up off her table nor he could pull the trigger. They experience the strange change of Temperature in the room.
  • Not just the gun, Hurwich froze the timeline of Bolton; time slowed for him. While 25 minutes had passed for others, for Bolton, only 15 minutes had passed.All of those present in the scene were shocked, compelling Sid to explain everybody else the mechanism of his marvelous invention.
  • He said that his machine sends out electronic rays to alter the natural composition of electronic fields and center gravity, thus, the time. He could freeze the equipment owing to an intense electromagnetic field, created by the device.
  • The nature of the beams produced by the machine was invented and designed by Nikola Tesla. There were talks that he had received the award for his time altering machine contributed the famous “Raid on Entebbe,” of July 4, 1976.
  • It was only with the help of the machine Israel could save its 103 passengers from the hijacked plane on Entebbe airport.Many believe it’s fake, if not for time altering machine, why was Hurwich given such a prestigious Israeli award? The mystery of this device is still unsolved.

Source: https://www.messagetoeagle.com/mystery-of-sid-hurwich-and-his-time-altering-machine-that-could-freeze-time/



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